21 Products to celebrate Earth Day! 🌍🌿

Credit: April Lukanu

As we celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet, we invite you to indulge in sustainable style and eco-conscious beauty. Embrace the spirit of Earth Day with our curated collection of fashion and beauty brands that prioritise both your aesthetic desires and the well-being of our planet.

Discover clothing, accessories, and cosmetics crafted with eco-friendly materials, ethical practices, and a commitment to reducing environmental impact. From chic apparel that blends style and sustainability to skincare and makeup that nourish both your skin and the Earth, our selection embodies the harmony between fashion, beauty, and environmental stewardship.

Join us in honouring Mother Earth by making conscious choices that reflect our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our precious planet. Explore our Earth Day selections and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future. Happy Earth Day shopping! 🌱🛍️

The Ultimate Muse Tweed Blazer, Odd Muse, £185
Remineralising & Whitening Toothpaste Tabs, GudYu, £7 (1 month supply)
Lime Jungle Tote Bag, Pink City Prints, £40
Monte Carlo One Piece, AWAY THAT DAY, £185
Pistachio Face Oil with Phytomelatonin, Irene Forte, £130 for 30ML
SDU Mesh & Vegan Suede Trainers, Veja, £115
Greta Green Red Mosaic Print Silk Voile Dress, Lisou, £345
Daily Body Cleanse product, SBTRCT, £14
Milla Relaxed Fit Printed Parka Jacket, All Saints, £299
APEX x Nicki Minaj, LOCI, £150
Rejuvenating Sheet Mask, Beauty Pro, £4.95
Ripple Earrings (Gold Plated), Deborah Blyth, £105
Nell Extra Wide Leg Jumpsuit, ALIGNE, £149
Green Balance Poly Potato Deodorant Cream, Ben & Anna, £8.95 (40g)
SOS Embroidered Small Tote Bag, Stella McCartney, £325
Western Boots, Will's Vegan Store, £94
The Emma Lewisham Essentials, Emma Lewisham, £90
Respect Your Mother Sweatshirt, Everpress, £34
365 Midweight Track Hoodie & Pants - Stone, Pangaia
30 Days to Coils Kit, Boucleme, £56
Dripped In Honey Gold Ring, Moushe at Cult Mia, £175
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