Gillette Venus's First Ever Dermaplaning Skincare Collection ๐Ÿช’


Discover Gillete Venus' new skincare line designed for the perfect at-home dermaplaning experience, promising a radiant complexion.


Dermaplaning, the popular at-home beauty regime, has taken the world by storm, especially on platforms like TikTok, where it has amassed over 1.8 billion views. With the rise in interest and demand for dermaplaning, Gillette Venus has introduced its first-ever Dermaplaning Skincare Collection, promising to deliver smooth, glowing skin in three easy steps.

The Venus Dermaplaning Collection is dermatologically approved and includes a cleansing primer, a dermaplaning razor, and a hydrating serum, all designed to work together seamlessly. The collection is endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance, ensuring that it's safe and suitable for sensitive skin.

The collection's cleansing primer (ยฃ14.99), with cucumber and aloe, prepares the skin for dermaplaning or can be used as a cleanser and toner on in-between hair removal days. The dermaplaning razor (ยฃ14.99), featuring a high-quality blade surrounded by a Skin Defence Guard, is refillable and designed for a controlled and comfortable shave. It also has a "click" dock for quick blade changes, making it a more sustainable choice compared to disposable options. The hydrating serum (ยฃ14.99), is formulated with hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, cucumber, aloe, and vitamins B3 and B5, replenishes hydration and soothes the skin after dermaplaning.

Additionally, the collection includes a Mini Hair Remover (ยฃ26.99), designed for gentle hair removal on the face, with unique rotary system blades that are gentle on the lips, chin, and cheeks. The device is easy to handle and has a built-in smart light to spot any unwanted hairs, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

Elizabeth Compo, Senior Scientist for P&G Female Shave Care, explains that the collection was developed in response to the need for a full regimen for dermaplaning. "In our research, we found that women were searching for clarity on the best way to care for their skin while dermaplaning," she says. "There was a need for a full regimen, with specially formulated products to use throughout the process." 

With the Venus Dermaplaning Collection, dermaplaning enthusiasts can now enjoy a complete and safe regimen that delivers instant facial glow. Whether you're new to dermaplaning or a seasoned pro, this collection offers a simple and effective way to achieve smooth, radiant skin.

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