Pat McGrath's ‘porcelain makeup’ has taken everybody by storm! 💄🤩


Pat McGrath's porcelain makeup for Maison Margiela's Spring 2024 collection sparks a global 'glass skin' trend.


The internet has been in a frenzy for the last week after everyone (and I mean everyone) caught a glimpse of the recent Couture Spring 2024 collection by Maison Margiela, with historical esc fashion that resembles porcelain vintage dolls. Fashion isn't the only thing that allowed these looks to thrive - The makeup by Pat McGrath is what brought the looks to a new level. In 2023 the planet didn’t shy away from such trends that resembled innocence and ethereal such as Bows as well as the rise in ballet core, however, the general population has shown that these aesthetics are here to stay and have evolved to new levels that have blown us all away. 

Pat McGrath has been making waves in the beauty industry since the 1990s but this week she's really blown the internet 180 degrees with her porcelain style makeup, displaying the classic thin high arched eyebrows, pale skin with blushed cheeks and of course - the glass skin. Additionally, after the show, many models showed videos of them peeling the makeup off in an alien-like fashion which led the internet to question how to copy this iconic look. People all across the social media have been working hard in trying to recreate the look with many successes. 

After the look became a notable part of the show, Pat has shared the secret behind the infamous glass skin - “[the] skin is coated in a hyper shiny glaze, mimicking the smooth, reflective quality of glass” Pat was very secretive about the specific product she used to create this look teasing on her Instagram stating “all will be REVEALED very soon” - however the detectives of the internet discovered that Kryolan Professional Make-up Liquid Glass is most likely the product needed to recreate this look. 

Starting with beauty creators such as Hayley Buix who recreated the look successfully displaying the development of the look by creating porcelain-style makeup and then using a makeup spatula to carefully apply the Liquid Glass product, perfecting the look. She did the look well enough to get a comment from Pat McGrath herself “BEYONDDD !!! you look gorgeous !!”

@hayleybuix Tried my best to recreate the @Pat McGrath Labs iconic porcelain doll make up for @Maison Margiela #patmcgrathlabs #porcelainskin #makeuptutorial #maisonmargiela #editorialmakeup ♬ Solas X Interstellar - Gabriel Albuquerqüe

Some creators on TikTok have been able to achieve doll-like skin on a budget, makeup influencer known as meicrosft formerly known as Mei Pang showed a more in-depth tutorial on how they recreated the look by putting in the caption stating that their main takeaway was to use ‘a clear peel off face mask, airbrush, and go in with very thin layers’ showing they that diluted the facemasks with water and then used an airbrush to create the look which also gained a comment from Pat once again. Other creators have also discovered a good budget-friendly way to tackle the look is using Freeman peel-off gel mask shown by beauty influencer Erin Parsons

Besides Tik Tok fame, impact has stuck everywhere with everyone around the globe trying to achieve the ‘glass skin’ made so famous this week. The beauty and wellness marketplace ‘Fresha’ has reported that ‘glowy skin’ searches have increased by 178% globally in the last week. The idea of ‘glass skin’ has been rising as a trend in the last 5 years, with people all around searching for how to create the long-lasting ‘clean girl’ look. And while this look has been explored on how to create it with products, a spokesperson for Fresha states the real secret to the ‘dewey’ skin is just as simple by having healthy skin and a productive skincare routine whether its high-end skincare or healthy eating to achieve the look.

Pat McGrath has shown once again her artistry and innovation to reinvent the makeup industry to a new level. 2023 allowed trends that display vintage aesthetics to bloom however we can see looks like this becoming historically infamous and thriving throughout 2024 and blossoming into something that won't be forgotten soon!

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