The Unforgettable Moments from The Fashion Awards 2023 πŸ†πŸ’«πŸ€©

Credit: Shaun James Cox
Credit: Shaun James Cox

The star-studded event celebrated creativity, inclusivity, and the power of fashion beyond the runway.


If there's one event that left the fashion world buzzing with excitement and glamour, it's none other than The Fashion Awards 2023 presented by Pandora. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Maya Jama and Kojey Radical, this star-studded affair was a blend of style, innovation, and moments that have made history.

Now, before we even dive into the winners and the performances, let's talk about the Red Carpet LIVE. Law Roach and Julia Hobbs brought their A-game, dissecting every stitch and bead, showcasing the runway-worthy looks of the evening. Let us know what was your favourite look of the night over on our IG and click here to check out some highlights.

IG Credit: Julia Hobbs
IG Credit: Julia Hobbs

Global superstar Usher kicked off the night with a soul-stirring question: "How does fashion make you feel?" The question lingered in the air as the audience, filled with leading designers, artists, and creatives, settled in for a night that promised to celebrate the very essence of fashion.

A standout moment of the evening for us was the recognition of Michaela Coel, the winner of The Pandora Leader of Change Award. Celebrating her as someone who consistently challenges the status quo, Coel's work is empowering, progressive, and forward-thinking. She uses her platform to positively shift perceptions, proving that fashion is more than what meets the eyeβ€”it's a force for positive change.

Award presented by Pamela Anderson
Award presented by Pamela Anderson

Let's talk about a huge monumental momentβ€”Paloma Elsesser winning the Model of the Year Award. This wasn't just a victory for Elsesser, it was a triumph for the entire body positivity community. Her global impact over the years, transcending the catwalk, speaks volumes about the industry's evolving standards and the celebration of inclusivity and diverse beauty.  Paloma, you've paved the way, and we're here for it!

Another highlight of the evening was the tribute to Valentino Garavani, a true icon in the world of fashion. The Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Award was a well-deserved recognition of his impact on the industry. The runway adorned with 24 iconic red dresses was not just a fashion show; it was a living, breathing ode to a maestro.

 Jonathan Anderson took home the Designer of the Year Award, a testament to his innovative collections with JW Anderson and LOEWE. Maximilian Davis won the British Womenswear Designer Award for consistently making a global impact with Ferragamo. Martine Rose, crowned British Menswear Designer, continued to shape the international menswear landscape with flair.

The spotlight shone brightly on the NEW WAVE: Creatives cohortβ€”a group of 50 young, innovative talents from around the world. The unique trophies designed by Julie Liu added an artistic touch to their well-deserved accolades, signalling a promising future for the fashion industry.

Dame Vivienne Westwood's fearless approach to design and activism was celebrated, and a posthumous Special Recognition Award honoured the late Joe Casely-Hayford for his unforgettable contributions to fashion and culture. These moments reminded us of the power of fashion beyond the runway.

The night concluded with performances by METTE, Sam Smith (Cultural Innovator Award winner), and a DJ set by Skepta at the afterparty. 

The Fashion Awards 2023 wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the tireless efforts of those shaping the fashion world. As the curtain falls on this year's extravaganza, we're left eagerly anticipating the trends, talents, and triumphs that the next year will undoubtedly bring.

Until then, stay fabulous, stay fashionable, and let us know over on IG or Twitter X, "How does fashion make you feel?" .

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