Lucy & Yak Take a Stand Against Body Censorship 🪧💪🏾🧡


Lucy & Yak's 'Baring All' collection confronts societal norms and supports breast diversity, challenging online censorship and supporting Coppa Feel charity.


In a ground-breaking move against societal norms and online censorship this week, indie fashion brand Lucy & Yak unveiled their 'Baring All' collection. The collection not only seeks to challenge the stigma surrounding breasts and chests but also supports the Coppa Feel charity, with £1.50 from each product sold being donated.

The brand recently conducted a survey involving 2,000 participants, revealing that half of the UK population agrees on the need to normalise a diversity of breasts and chests. Furthermore, two in five adults believe that online censorship of these body parts reinforces harmful views about certain aspects of the human body being inherently sexual or offensive.

The collection features a diverse range of items, including a jacket, trousers, t-shirts, mini-dresses, underwear, and the brand’s iconic Original dungarees. Aligning with Lucy & Yak's commitment to ethical fashion, the pieces are crafted from conscious materials such as GOTs Certified Organic Cotton and FSC Certified Bamboo.

Lucy Greenwood, co-founder of Lucy & Yak, stated the challenges they faced in showcasing the campaign photography due to censorship issues on billboards and social media platforms. She emphasised the powerful influence of AI algorithms in shaping content visibility, leading to the unfortunate over-censorship of various body types.

The collection boldly displays vibrant images of real-life models, celebrating a beautiful range of diversity, from large to small breasts, and mastectomies to post-op trans chests. Lucy & Yak aims to encourage dialogue and challenge societal norms by using their platform to ask why some bodies/nipples are censored and sexualised while others are not. To amplify their message, Lucy & Yak is sharing stories, informative pieces, and advice from a variety of experts and friends of the brand. Their goal is to empower their community and foster discussions that may contribute to a shift in societal perspectives. The campaign features powerful testimonies from individuals like Naomi Native, a 26-year-old model and content creator, who sheds light on the frustrations of online censorship and the societal pressures faced by those with larger chests.

Naomi Native said, “My relationship with my chest hasn’t always been the greatest... It angers me because people feel entitled to my body. They feel entitled to comment on my chest and have no regard for how uncomfortable their words and actions make women feel.”

Additionally, Esther, a 48-year-old digital media manager and content creator, shares her empowering journey after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, emphasizing the strength and resilience found in embracing one's body.

Esther shared, “Since being diagnosed with grade 3 stage 3 breast cancer in 2016 (age 41), I’ve developed a huge appreciation and respect for my breasts... Ultimately I’m proud of my chest. I’m proud of what my breasts signify and the story they tell. I’m proud of me!”

Yesterday, the social media post announcing the campaign launch faced a ban and was taken down by Meta for ‘inappropriate content’. Lucy & Yak, however, view this as a positive occurrence, highlighting the lack of ownership individuals truly have online. In response, the brand urges everyone to normalise conversations about breasts and chests in all their forms, aiming to help society understand the detrimental effects of censorship and eliminate any shame or stigma around our bodies.

Taking their protest to the streets of London ahead of the collection's launch, Lucy & Yak and their models Naomi and Esther demonstrated outside the Meta offices and on the tube. This action was prompted by TFL's refusal to display the brand's clothing ads on their billboards. Lucy & Yak's commitment to breaking down barriers extends beyond fashion, reaching into the heart of the digital landscape and public spaces, as they strive to create a world where all bodies are celebrated and respected. 

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