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Inclusive Haircare & Natural Sustainable Beauty

Inclusive Haircare & Natural Sustainable Beauty

As 2020 comes to an end (finally!) the focus is on haircare and natural, sustainable beauty! With sustainability becoming the forefront issue within the beauty sector, this week we discuss the important steps beauty brands are taking to tackle problems with inclusivity and sustainability. We also take a look at the first ever AHA-formulated deodorant and an exciting alternative health and wellbeing store opening!

Tim Scott Wright Launches Globally Blonde Collection

When it comes to blonde, there’s no such things as one size fits all. From icy white to soft rose, professional hairdresser Tim Scott Wright showcases the Globally Blonde collection, with a shade for everyone. There have never been more diverse ways to wear blonde, with boundless colour potential explored in this collection. This spectrum of looks shows the versatility of how everyone can bring out their inner blonde, no matter their skin tone or hair type!

The Authentic Beauty Concept Announces Their Sustainability Path

In a time where sustainability is more important than ever, Authentic Beauty Concept is working to pave the way for high end, professional hair care brands. Building their brand with sustainability at the core of their ethos, Authentic Beauty Concept have conquered many sustainable achievements over recent years, ensuring every decision is made consciously and collaboratively with their brand ambassadors. However it doesn’t stop there, with plans for 2021 such as launching sustainable product Refill Bars and reworking and recycling all bottles and jars. The brand continues its journey to strengthen their sustainability and make powerful change!

anatomē Chelsea Opens New Wellbeing Destination

Wellbeing and skincare brand anatomē announces the launch of an immersive store and retail experience in Chelsea, London. Throughout 2020 anatomē discovered the importance of connecting with its local London communities, with aims for the brand to grow and open stores in London neighbourhoods. This new opening marks the brand’s third store, working to support the health and wellbeing of local residents and visitors to the area – which is well needed after this challenging year! The store will include bespoke products made by the team, as well as expert nutritionists on hand to provide wellness advice and support. With sustainability at the core of anatomē, great care is is given to make sure the brand use recyclable, timeless glass bottles and jars, paper labelling and packaging. As an alternative health store, anatomé will be open throughout Tier 4 restrictions to help and support people through the holidays.

We have discovered that during the pandemic customers have been seeking out a place they can visit to discuss their wellbeing concerns. Whether it’s a lack of sleep, supporting immune health or finding ways to destress; anatome as a brand we are uniquely able to provide advice through our own-house team of nutritionists supported by a focused collection of products to support wellbeing.

Brendan Murdock, Founder of anatomē

GoBo Launches New AHA Deodorant

GoBo launches the UK’s first AHA-formulated deodorant that works to eliminate odours whilst allowing your body to perspire naturally. With gentle exfoliation removing dead skin cells and bacteria, the result is a natural deep clean detoxing your underarms from years of heavy deodorant use. The brand offers 3 delicate floral fragrances, whilst also offering a neutral unfragranced version. This really is a breath of fresh air for your underarms!

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