Who is the Muslim Sisterhood and Why You Should Know About Them?

L-R: Zaineb Saleh, Lamisa Khan & Sara Gulamali



The Muslim Sisterhood, a collective co-founded by three Muslim women—Lamisa Khan, Zeinab Saleh, and Sara Gulamali in 2017—emerged from the realisation of a significant gap in the market for Muslim female representation in fashion and art. With a diverse portfolio encompassing event planning, campaign production, creative direction, and casting, their aim is to bolster emerging talent within the Muslim creative community. They've collaborated with esteemed clients such as Nike, Converse, Daily Paper, and Crocs, directing projects centred around the narrative of Muslim femininity and the solidarity inherent in sisterhood, presented in a compelling, aesthetically pleasing manner.

Why Should We Know About Them?

Their mission is to ensure that Muslim women are not just seen, but feel seen—not necessarily to the world at large, but within their own community and by themselves. They aspire for fellow Muslim women to recognise and appreciate their representation, countering the prevalent narrative that often portrays Muslim women solely through the lens of oppression. By shedding light on misrepresentations in fashion, such as the lack of Muslim women on runways despite the increasing trend of modesty in fashion, they challenge the double standards perpetuated by the media. The Muslim Sisterhood aims to reclaim the narrative and empower Muslim women to represent themselves authentically.

As a collective, the Muslim Sisterhood pioneers a unique and revolutionary approach. In a landscape where minorities may feel unseen or unheard, particularly in cities like London and across the UK, their presence serves as a beacon of inspiration and creativity, pushing boundaries within the realms of fashion and creative expression.

Why Diversity and Inclusivity Matter in Fashion

Diversity and inclusivity are imperative within the fashion industry, fostering innovation, cultural understanding, and broader demographic reach. By embracing these principles, brands can avoid cultural appropriation pitfalls and cultivate genuine appreciation for diverse cultures. Celebrating the achievements of women like the Muslim Sisterhood underscores the importance of unity and progress, transcending geographical and cultural barriers.

As we celebrate women's achievements worldwide, it's vital to acknowledge and support initiatives like the Muslim Sisterhood, which champion diversity and inclusivity. The collective is a poignant reminder to honour women's contributions worldwide, recognising their struggles and triumphs while advocating for the rights of all women, regardless of background or geography. In doing so, we uphold the essence of unity and progress, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

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