Rotary Watches and Prostate Cancer UK Join Forces Again To Release Limited Edition Watch


Following the success of the duo’s 1IN8 watch last year, Rotary Watches and Prostate Cancer UK have partnered up again to release a limited-edition 1IN4 piece; to help raise awareness for the shockingly high statistic that 1 in 4 Black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Featuring exceptional details to honour the charity and all that it represents, the design is truly a collector’s item that can be worn by anybody, with a style that is suitable for any occasion.

The matte black dial showcases elegant silver Roman numeral indices, classic cathedral hands and an eye-catching second hand, crafted in Prostate Cancer UK’s signature blue colourway. In a striking design choice, the 1 O’clock Roman index is spotlighted in the same blue, making it a perfect partner to the charity’s Man of Men icon that sits at 4 O’clock – representing the 1 in 4 men message. 

The unique features don’t stop there! A larger Man of Men icon is subtly engraved on the left side of the dial, whilst the outer rim complements the second hand as it is dressed in the charity’s same well-known blue shade. In celebration of their invaluable work, Prostate Cancer UK’s famous logo is inscribed on the case back, along with a number up to 1,000 to signal which unique watch you have. 

Spurred by the turn in his father’s health and acknowledging his own age, the launch was released in collaboration with property expert, writer, TV presenter, and big supporter of the previous 1IN8 launch, Kunle Barker

Vowing to take a more proactive approach when it comes to his health, Kunle said: “Since my dad’s diagnosis, I no longer take my health for granted. I also now want to make more men aware of their health and risks of prostate cancer and encourage them to see their GP if they have any worries or concerns about the disease.”

I’m really happy that we’re getting a positive message out there through the Rotary x Prostate Cancer UK Limited Edition 1IN4 watch and encouraging more black men to speak to their GPs about prostate cancer. Don’t be shy or embarrassed – think of the bigger picture.

Kunle Barker

With only 1,000 pieces made, Rotary are committed to donating 10 per cent + VAT from the sale of every 1IN4 watch to Prostate Cancer UK, which will go towards helping more Black men understand their Prostate Cancer risk and what they can do about it.

Priced at £199, the Limited Edition 1IN4 Rotary x Prostate Cancer UK timepiece in collaboration with Kunle Barker is officially available to shop now. To find out more information about prostate cancer and its risks, visit

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