Introducing The Menswear Brand Using Failure To Find Success


Let us introduce you to Fail Forward, the menswear brand with a purpose – encouraging the wearer to use failure to drive you forward to find success.

With the belief that what you wear expresses much more than the style of the garments, Fail Forward is a fashion brand standing for more than just an image. Encouraging the wearer to never be afraid to stand for more and achieve more, the menswear brand integrates a love of style with a passion for self-development, aiming to educate about mindset training through the art of fashion.

Taking aboard issues that many of us face in our day-to-day lives, such as self-doubt, mental health issues and lack of motivation, this innovative label paves the way to success by embracing failure and ultimately removing the block that prevents people from reaching their true potential. With these matching loungewear sets, you’re bound to not only look good by feel good too.

The best piece of advice I can share with you is it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you analyse how you made the failures then learn how you can push forward with a new plan leveraging that negative into positive steps to move forward.

Nick Green, Founder and CEO of Fail Forward

Welcoming in their latest collection, which launched last month, this line will showcase many of Fail Forward’s key principles with pieces that capture the true ethos of the brand. Crafted without sacrificing functionality or style, the new range features tracksuits, hoody’s, tees and trucker hats. With a minimalist muted colour palette of charcoal, buttermilk and midnight black, these are sure to become your wardrobe staples for this season and every season.

The collection is now available on their site, so choose your clothing with confidence so even if you fail, you fail forward.

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