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Capsule Wardrobe, Your Way

Capsule Wardrobe, Your Way

The concept of a capsule wardrobe isn’t new, but it has definitely grown in popularity over the last couple of years for one very important reason – its focus on sustainability. By thinking about the longevity of clothes the capsule trend encourages shoppers to think less about what is trendy-right-now and spend a little bit of extra time focusing on what they will want to own and wear forever. Plus, having a limited amount of clothes that you know look perfect on you makes getting dressed in the morning much easier so, really, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Often, capsule wardrobe shopping pages and trend articles tend to focus more on the monochromatic fashion editor look, which can then turn your wardrobe into something that is quite intense and difficult to add colour and pattern to. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! The capsule wardrobe concept shouldn’t limit you in the styles you choose, it should simply inspire you to focus on buying items that you will love for years to come – whether that be an oversized black blazer or a pair of orange check trousers. 

By understanding your own style – which shapes do you tend to you gravitate towards? Which colours are you most excited to wear? – you can curate a capsule wardrobe that is the epitome of you. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to consist of only three colours in order for it to count as a capsule, it ultimately is a collection of clothes that you’ll want to wear year after year. Not only does this shopping technique mean that you will be proud of your wardrobe and your sustainable shopping habits, but it also means that you will have curated outfits that you know look absolutely fabulous. That moment of confidence is worth every extra second you spent thinking about making that purchase.

Keep reading to see our favourite capsule wardrobe picks!

Kitri, £150 

Whistles, £199 

BAACAL, $390 

Mango, £59.99 

11 Honore, $98 

Mango, £35.99 

Kitri, £85 

Lisou, £295 

Alexa Chung, £110 

HM+, £34.99 

Aligne, £40 

HM+, £24.99 

Aligne, £75 

Mango, £49.99

Veja, £126 

Dune, £150 

Arket, £150 

Miu Miu, £262 

Gemporia, £37.99 

Sancia, £218 

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