Give A Nod To The ’90s With This Year’s Hottest Transitional Trend


If you’re looking for a transitional piece that can be dressed up and down all year long, you’ve struck fashion gold with this season’s hot topic, cargo trousers.

First claimed in the 1990s by skaters, rappers and streetwear moguls, the cargo trouser became a fast-growing trend that was eventually reimagined by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne and Destiny’s Child; successfully laying the foundations for the rise of the Y2K trend that we know today.

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Instagram: @javiera
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Instagram: @lifeofboheme
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Instagram: @amynathalie

The low waist, baggy pants, characterised by oversized pockets and their aesthetic fluidity, became a must-have piece for all fashion-forward shoppers in the 2000s but eventually got lost in favour of a more hipster look.

Now, almost eighteen years on, the cargo trouser has made a comeback…and here at FROW, we are all here for the revived trend!

The trend has been reinvented since its rise in popularity, with high street stores taking the vintage look away from its laid back roots and adapting it to blend with urban, contemporary fashion trends. With such a large variety of different designs, colours and patterns, there’s no questioning whether you will be able to find a pair to suit your style.

The 90’s pant is designed with comfort and practicality at their core, with a versatile fit and an array of large pockets it’s the perfect choice of trouser for your wardrobe! The cargo trouser pairs nicely with any top of choice; whether you are keeping it casual and sporting an oversized sweatshirt, or you’re opting for a more classy look with a corset or cropped shirt – the pant effortlessly works with any style! *adds to shopping list*


Wide Leg Cargo Trouser – £45.99

Crossover Waistband Cargo – £39.99

Garda Satin Trousers – £60

Corduroy Cargo Trousers – £35

Desert Cargo Pant – £127

RAVEN Cargo Pant – £265

Vera Cargo Trousers – £49

Topstitch Cargo Trouser – £27.99

Pocket Cargo Jeans – £49.99

Wide Cargo Trousers – £19.99

Wide Leg Cargo Trouser – £27.99

Hockinson Cargo Pant – £70

Carpenter Trouser Coffee – £110

Stretch Twill Cargo Jogger – £112

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