It’s Time To Ditch Your Plastic Combs With Charlotte Mensah’s Sustainable Alternative

Instagram: @charlottemensah

Award-winning hair care brand Charlotte Mensah have welcomed the latest edition to their collection- the Duafe Combs, designed for thick, curly and afro hair types.

Whether it’s the Wide Tooth Comb, Afro Comb or Afro Pik, the Duafe combs are available in sustainably sourced wood and each one is hand-carved from waste offcuts from Ghanaian plantations, making each one an unique and sustainable addition to your hair care routine.

The wide wooden teeth work their way through thick and textured hair helping to reduce static, hair damage and breakage whilst gently massaging your scalp which in turn, promotes hair growth. The porous nature of the wood will also absorb and redistribute natural oils to maintain that hair health.

With prices ranging between £20-£40, this is sure to become your haircare staple! Make sure to check the new range on the Charlotte Mensah website.

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