Channel Your Inner Barber With Wilkinson Sword’s New Premium Skin and Beard Care Line


Helping Brits raise their grooming game, Wilkinson Sword launches their brand new range of premium skin and beard care. Coinciding with the iconic brand’s 250th anniversary, the ‘Barber’s Style’ range includes seven luxurious products to help groomers achieve a high-end barber shop finish at home.  

The new products are expertly formulated with ingredients such as argan and avocado oils, shea butter and niacinamide, allowing you to achieve your desired barber grade quality at home whilst removing the expense – ideal during the Cost of Living Crisis. The line is fragranced with woody undertones of cedar and sandalwood, paired with rejuvenating aromas of eucalyptus and menthol, scents that are clearly inspired by the traditional aroma of a barbershop. 

Already making big moves in the men’s grooming industry, the range, which is now available to buy via the Wilkinson Sword website, is the first of its kind to receive an official recommendation from the British Master Barbers Alliance (BMB). Its co-founder, Tony Copeland, says: “We’ve made it our priority to only make partnerships with the best and most respected brands and businesses. That’s why we are so proud and excited to endorse the new range of grooming products from Wilkinson Sword Barber’s Style brand. These are products I would use myself.”  

The Wilkinson Sword Barber’s Style line up:   

Every great grooming regime must begin somewhere and what better way to start your routine than a high-quality cleanse.  Wilkinson Sword Barber’s Style Face Wash (£10) offers an excellent performance, clear gel formula that gently removes dirt without drying the skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed.   

Next up, we have the Barber’s Style Face Moisturiser (£10) which is crafted with barrier strengthening niacinamide, apple extract and centella asiatica, providing lightweight revitalisation for stronger, healthy skin – a perfect companion to the Face Wash. 

Ask any man, shaving your beard can be a painful, tedious task but with the Barber’s Style Shave Cream (£10) life just got easier.  Enriched with macadamia seed oil for a smooth and hydrated finish, just a small amount of this non–greasy cream helps razors glide effortlessly over skin. Its sophisticated sandalwood fragrance offers a subtle, woody scent that lasts throughout the day.   

Shavers can finish their routine with the Barber’s Style Post Shave Balm (£10).  Your skin will thank you for applying this balm after your shave, with its combination of ingredients such as shea butter and menthol.  The specially formulated blend cools, balances and hydrates skin while keeping irritation at bay. Its mint forest scent awakens the senses with a revitalising boost of freshness.  

With a gentle two-in-one formula designed for everyday use, the Barber’s Style Beard Wash & Softener (£10), is perfect for those looking to achieve a smooth and textured finish to their beard. With subtle aromas of Tea tree wild mint, the wash effectively cleans whilst also conditioning even the toughest of beards.   

For the ultimate beard styling your barber would be proud of, the Barber’s Style Beard Balm (£10) is enriched with nourishing oils shea butter, jojoba, and avocado; as well as antioxidant sunflower oil that conditions, while an infusion of beeswax helps achieve the desired finish.   Shavers can finish their routine with the Barber’s Style Beard Oil (£10) which comprises a rich blend of argan oil, jojoba and avocado oils that also help prevent stubble dryness and beard itch.   

Both the Balm and Oil are infused with earthy aromas of cedar forest, to emulate healing components of nature, and rejuvenating medicinal tones of eucalyptus which help soften, revitalise and hydrate every type of beard.  

Want to up your skincare game, or perhaps give your beard some TLC? The new collection is available to purchase now!

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