It’s About To Get Hot, Hot, Hot: Sun Creams To Shop This Summer


From Vitamin D and sun-kissed skin to warm weather, if you’re like us, you love getting out in the sunshine during the summer months – as you very much should. We kickstart June by celebrating all things summer, and what better way than rounding up the sun creams to shop this season? Because as much as we might love lounging out catching those rays, the sun can be extremely harmful if we’re not protecting ourselves and our skin properly.

Protecting yourself is all about knowing your UVBs from your UVAs. Whilst UVA rays affect the skin’s elastin, leading to wrinkles and premature ageing (no thank you), UVB is responsible for sunburn and can increase the risk of skin cancers. SPF on the other hand refers to the level of protection the product gives from UVB and UVA rays. You can spot this with either a rating out of 5 or through an abbreviation highlighted in a circle on the product. Top tip: Products offering strong protection against both are often labelled as broad spectrum.

Now, with all the important jargon out the way, we’re here to give you FROW’s round-up of products that you can use to help protect yourself from these harmful rays – plus, an offering of aftercare in case you’ve caught yourself burning.

First on the agenda is the Aloe Soothing Sun Cream PA+++ from COSRX. This lightweight cream is formulated with Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract so as well as sun cream, it’s also a daily soother that feels like a moisturiser, leaving zero white casts on the skin. We love a sun cream that doesn’t feel and look chalky so if that’s a struggle for you, this could be the one!

Coming in with the sun cream that’s doing the most to protect you to the maximum, the SOS SERUM SKINCARE SOS SPF 50 Sun Cream. This is a broad-spectrum (protection from UVA/UVB but you already knew that), non-whitening formula that contains antioxidants like vitamin E which have natural anti-inflammatory properties for soothing and calming purposes. Combine this with the soybean stem cell to fight free radicals, you’re also reducing wrinkles and increasing the skin’s firmness at the same time!

You didn’t think we’d forget about your lips, did you? There’s nothing worse than a case of burnt lips and the Strawberry Flavour SPF 15 Lip Balm from CARMEX can help you with that. Apply as much as you need and as often as necessary, especially before and after exposure to sunlight. It’s recommended to use before and after lipstick application for the ultimate protection.

The Organic Pharmacy’s broad spectrum Cellular Protection SPF 50 is your classic sun scream for your face and body. Safe for sensitive skin, babies and children, this formula provides immediate protection with the inclusion of ingredients for nourishment including, calendula, aloe and shea butter. It’s intensely hydrating, anti-ageing plus, it’s coral-safe!

Fancy a non-greasy, silky-smooth mist with a deliciously exotic scent? The brand new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Oil SPF 30 provides easy top-up protection as well as skin-loving benefits thanks to the infused coconut and argan oil. Completely reef-friendly with no oxybenzone or octinoxate.

If you’re one to obsess over a natural tan, then the Green People’s Edelweiss Sun Cream with Tan Accelerator SPF15 could be perfect for you. It’s another product to add to the list that’s fully ethical and sustainable with a broad-spectrum formula. It’s also infused with collagen and antioxidants to help prevent damage. Prickly heat is an uncomfortable struggle but as the sun cream’s water repellent but non-pore-clogging, its ideal for those that suffer.

Get ready for the list of skincare benefits that this SPF provides, The Glow Recipe enter the chat with their brand new Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Sunscreen SPF50. With benefits such as its sheerness, blend-ability and non-greasy formula, the watermelon extracts deliver ultimate hydration with a whole range of essential vitamins. Niacinamide works great for hyperpigmentation, hyaluronic acid will help retain moisture for that all-important glow and finally, the aloe will provide anti-oxidant rich protection as well as soothing properties. What’s not to love?

Oh the struggles in the sun if you have a scalp that isn’t covered by your hair, does brushing through the burn ring any bells? To prevent a painful summer scalp, the Soltan Clear and Cool Head and Scalp SPF30 Suncare Spray can be used to protect your exposed skin as long as you apply it 15 minutes before going into the sun. Re-apply every 1-2 hours for the best UVA/UVB protection.

Now on to the aftercare and the Q+A Skincare Squalane Facial Oil is worth a mention. Derived from olive oil the formula is super hydrating, vegan and has many purposes, one of which is soothing sunburn. A few drops of squalane can bring moisture to sunburnt skin, aiding repair whilst protecting from environmental elements that might irritate your skin. Sounds like a holiday must-have!

Finally, the SOS Sunburn After Sun Mask by CLARINS instantly cools to comfort the skin after over-exposure to the sun. The cream-gel mask relives and minimises that burning sensation whilst intensely moisturising for 48 hours thanks to the organic aloe vera, shea oil and sunflower extract. The mask will also help you to protect against free radicals with the mimosa tenuiflora extract.  

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