Twisted Tailor X August McGregor: A Notorious Menswear Collaboration


Conor McGregor may be best known for his time in the UFC Octagon or hurling insults at his press conferences, but the Irishman also has his pockets in various businesses, one of which is August McGregor the luxury tailors who have recently collaborated this season with Twisted Tailor for a limited–edition collection. 

 The partnership sees the two tailor’s styles explode into a unique and exciting range displaying the fusing rebellious style of Twisted Tailor and complementing the lavish flair of August McGregor.

This collection is versatile with a youthful outlook, synonymous with Twisted Tailor but it is also clear the influence McGregor’s bold style has had within the collection – from classy wedding pieces and floral prints to the standout lace shirts, making you fit to party like you were the Irish fighter.

The Twisted Tailor design team expressed their delight over the collection: “Twisted Tailor is synonymous with self-expression and always championing individuality. This collaboration felt like a great fit between two brands that strive to push boundaries and embrace self-confidence.”

Whilst talking about the collection, McGregor couldn’t hide his pride over the drop: “Our goal from the start with August McGregor was to offer the fans that sharp look that David has created for me all these years at an accessible price. The spirited fashion from Twisted Tailor that has its own identity and fits well in the family.”

This collection is about celebrating and dressing up again especially after the global pandemic over these past couple of years

Conor McGregor

If you want to channel the confidence of the one and only notorious Conor McGregor with a tailored look for your special occasion, then the full collection is available for purchase online now with prices ranging from £60-£200.

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