Draw on Your Creativity This Holiday Season with ‘Doodle You’


As the holiday season approaches, it can often be a challenge to find unique Christmas presents for your children, thankfully the artistic kids brand Doodle You is offering something different this year, something that nurtures creativity and aids imaginative development. Think playful art, non-stop colouring and washable markers that we promise will not leave you worrying about a new abstract wallpaper design in your house!

Created by female entrepreneurs, mothers and sisters Nicole and Laura, Doodle You was borne out of a desire to fuel creativity, express individuality and as an artistic alternative to replace endless time spent in front of a digital screen, which has certainly risen since the first national lockdown. Aiming to etch technology time out, the Doodle You collection offers personalised, sustainable colouring sheets that are both reusable and wipeable meaning they can be coloured with washable coloured markers time and time again.

As mothers themselves, Laura noticed her daughter’s simple water-based colouring activity was not capturing her attention or exercising her innovative mind, Nicole shared a similar experience. Nicole’s daughter who has dyslexia struggles with mainstream learning and uses colouring as a creative outlet and form of art therapy to calm anxiety, inducing the same state of mind as relaxing meditation, meaning there are endless benefits to the unique colouring sheets.

Between an exclusive selection of ten eclectic themes including “Sports Superstar”, “Outer Space” and “Doodle all over the world” amongst the seasonal favourites launching next month of “Christmas”, “Doodle for Diwali” and “Happy Chanukah”, the sheets are the perfect way to add a splash of colour and touch of personality wherever your child may be. Arriving in a vast size range, from the portable mini and small doodle sheets ideal for your child to easily take along to restaurants, school trips or for a long journey to the medium and large pages to lay on flat surfaces, walls or tables, the brand have a little something for everyone.

So scribble out the digital world and set your creative side free this holiday season with a little help from Doodle You’s unique colouring sheets, available on their online site.

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