Vibrant colours are the hue of the summer


Fashion brands could not have made it any clearer: this summer, brighter is always better. Of course, summer has always had an affinity with brighter, more playful colours, but this year’s focus is on the extreme, highlighter type shades. You know, the ones that can basically glow in the dark? This summer, it’s all about flirting with the colour spectrum.

So, how did we get here? Well, from the runways to TikTok to Instagram, bright, vibrant colours are certainly taking centre stage. It generally seems as if this penchant for brightness is a direct response to the dire winter we experienced: between never-ending lockdowns and loungewear, can we really be blamed for wanting to adorn ourselves in colour? After all, some people firmly believe that the colours you surround yourself with can have a direct impact on your mental health, so it makes sense that we are seeking a serotonin boost by way of our wardrobes.

For tips on how to style your so-called “dopamine dressing”, look to Jacquemus for bright pink inspiration, and Versace or Victoria Beckham, if green is more your tone. The general consensus, though, is the more the merrier. That’s right – do you want to pair your citrus lemon blouse with some lime green earrings? Or perhaps you’re thinking of pairing your favourite blue shirt with bright pink trousers? We say go for it! Whatever your combination preference, colour blocking will always be in fashion, so make sure you have fun with it, and pair your new outfit with a confident strut!

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