Nike Make a Splash with their Innovative Victory Swim Collection


Swimwear can be known to become a barrier for many athletes and women, particularly Muslim women who often find themselves in a battle between modesty and mobility through the water. To tackle this, sporting world leaders Nike have dived in and launched another installment of their inclusive Swim for Victory full-coverage collection that sees women dive, surf, sprint and glide smoothly or competitively through the depths of the water.

Inspired by the spirit of endless possibilities and informed by feedback from global athletes across the world, the inclusive swimwear line is designed to empower generations of women in water. Out of a strong belief that women of all backgrounds, body types, abilities and aspirations deserve the opportunity to feel both comfortable and confident whilst swimming, Nike have created their sleek collection to promote modesty without compromising on beneficial functionality and high technicality.

Designed with inclusivity and the full sensation of swimming in mind, the diverse capsule collection features a range of tunic tops and swim leggings in a range of muted block colours and subtle all-over monogram prints. Standout pieces from the active line include the interchangeable mesh pocket hijabs that offer full coverage and hold hair in place as well as the new sculpting swimsuit that features revolutionary side vents to increase movement and ability through the water without dragging women down whilst swimming. Crafted from a performance-driven warp-knit fabric, the pieces are both lightweight, quick-drying and breathable as well as adopting streamlined silhouettes and reducing water retention.

Embrace your boundless potential and your world in water with the new innovative Victory Collection, available now online at the official Nike store and selected global retailers.

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