Abercrombie & Fitch launches Do Denim Your Way


Finding jeans that perfectly sculpt your body and flatter in all the right places is one of fashion’s most difficult challenges but thankfully those days are starting to change with a little help from timeless high street favourites Abercrombie & Fitch. Celebrating the comfort, confidence and stress-free nature of its contemporary denim, the brand has launched its Denim Your Way campaign and it’s all about inclusivity and the uplifting motto that style knows no size and fashion that knows no body type.

After a culmination of over a year of meticulous research, fit testing and customer-based interviews, the fashion brand has committed to designing the ultimate universal jeans that do not compromise denim comfort, quality and perfect fit. Crafted with fabrics that aim to flatter and sculpt varying body types, the assorted denim collection ranges from sizes 23 to 37 and in lengths from extra short to long as well as housing the brand’s Curve Love styles which are constructed with extra thigh room, double down fit and to help minimise waist gaps.

From straight leg cuts and ripped finishes to high rise 90s silhouettes and flared bottoms, the innovatively designed denim aims to meet the customer’s needs whilst celebrating the beauty in diverse body types and forms through classic yet experimental styles. The authentic interactive campaign unique to the collection showcases the fashion brand’s customers, fans and social media influencers as they model the eclectic denim collection which has been wholly inspired by their commitment to the brand.

The Abercrombie & Fitch collection is now available from the official brand’s website, alongside the inclusive campaign.

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