Lewis Capaldi Shines a Light on Domestic Abuse with Heartfelt New Video



Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi has unveiled the video for his latest single, ‘A Cure For Minds Unwell’, taken from his sophomore album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’. This powerful visual narrative features Naima Ben-Moussa, a domestic abuse survivor whose inspiring journey from victim to advocate forms the core of this emotionally charged piece.

Her story is one of resilience and strength in the face of tremendous adversity. Having endured severe domestic abuse, Naima now channels her experiences into positive action as the founder and CEO of Rebuilding Lives UK. This charity is dedicated to supporting vulnerable women and children who have been impacted by domestic violence, providing essential home repairs and security measures to those in need.

The video poignantly captures Naima’s harrowing past and her determined efforts to assist others. Her personal transformation and the establishment of Rebuilding Lives UK underscore a powerful message of hope and recovery. Through her eyes, viewers witness the painful journey from trauma to empowerment, highlighting the charity’s mission to provide both physical and emotional support to survivors of domestic abuse.

Naima was specifically chosen for the video due to her bravery in sharing her story, a step many survivors find incredibly challenging. Her ability to speak out not only sheds light on the often hidden issue of domestic abuse but also inspires others to seek help and support.

Rebuilding Lives UK began with Naima’s practical skills in plastering, which she used to repair the homes of women and children affected by abuse. Over time, the charity has expanded its services, offering life-saving security products and fostering a sense of safety and stability for its beneficiaries. The organisation has gained significant attention and support, including endorsements from public figures such as Jeremy Vine and Nina Hossain.

Naima’s recognition as the ‘Lady in Red’ in media outlets has further elevated the charity’s profile, attracting crucial donations and support. This visibility caught the attention of Lewis Capaldi, who has a known history of supporting charitable causes and individuals willing to share their experiences to uplift others.

Reflecting on her involvement in the video, Naima expressed her profound gratitude: “I cannot begin to say how overwhelmed I am that Lewis Capaldi chose me to be the face of his latest video. His lyrics about mental health struggles resonate deeply with many, including myself. Being part of this project is incredibly meaningful, and I hope it helps others realise that there is hope and support available.”

Capaldi’s song poignantly addresses mental health and the often hidden struggles individuals face. Lines like “smiling while I’m hiding what I’m going through” and “struggling sleeping cos the house feels haunted” echo the silent battles many endure. Naima’s story, intertwined with these lyrics, creates a compelling narrative that seeks to offer solace and encouragement to those grappling with similar issues.

Through this collaboration, Naima hopes to draw further attention to Rebuilding Lives UK, urging people to support the charity’s vital work. The organisation focuses on providing secure living conditions for those at risk of violence and collaborates with other agencies to offer comprehensive support to abuse survivors.

Lewis Capaldi’s video not only highlights Naima’s incredible journey but also serves as a beacon of hope for those in dark times. It is a reminder that help is available, and with the right support, it is possible to rebuild and thrive. Naima’s message is clear: “Please seek out the help. It’s there, and it can make all the difference.”

By sharing Naima’s story, Capaldi and Rebuilding Lives UK aim to inspire donations and support, ensuring that the charity can continue its essential work, helping women and children find safety, strength, and a renewed sense of hope.

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