The Gynae Project's On A Mission to Improve Menstrual Health 🩸🚴🏽

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Discover how The Gynae Project aims to transform menstrual health education and care across the UK with their upcoming event.


At FROW, we are always eager to highlight initiatives that uplift and empower women. Today, we are excited to introduce you to The Gynae Project, a revolutionary research-based social enterprise founded by Candace Oxley and dedicated to improving menstrual health education and care for women and girls across the UK. And there’s more – they have an incredible launch event coming up that you won't want to miss!

The Gynae Project is on a mission to ensure that every woman and girl has access to the menstrual health resources, education, and support they need. Recognising the persistent challenges around menstrual health, this organisation aims to provide comprehensive education, promote routine menstrual care, and foster a community that encourages open discussions about menstrual health.

Through extensive research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, educators, and community leaders, The project is developing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of women and girls. Their initiatives include workshops, educational resources, and advocacy efforts, all designed to raise awareness and improve menstrual health literacy.

To kick off their impactful journey, The Gynae Project is hosting an immersive and energising launch event called "On Your Cycle." Scheduled for Friday, 14th June 2024, at 7:30 PM, the event will take place in London at Gymbox Elephant and Castle. It uniquely blends physical exercise with meaningful conversations about menstrual health, making it both informative and fun.

"On Your Cycle" features a women-only spin class (indoor cycling session) where participants will engage in discussions about menstrual health while cycling. Led by experienced instructors, the session will cover managing menstrual symptoms, understanding your cycle, and debunking common myths, all in a supportive and empowering environment. It’s an evening designed to leave you informed, inspired, and connected with like-minded women.

By attending this event, you'll not only gain valuable knowledge but also support The Gynae Project’s mission to enhance menstrual health education and care. Your participation is crucial in helping them continue their vital work, creating a world where every woman and girl can thrive with the knowledge and resources they need for their menstrual health.

Tickets for "On Your Cycle" are available here, but spots are limited, so be sure to grab yours asap.  To learn more about The Gynae Project and stay connected with their initiatives, visit their website. Follow them on social media for the latest updates, educational content, and information about upcoming events. 

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