FUTURE's LANVIN LAB Collection Unveiled πŸ’«πŸ¦…


The Atlanta-born maestro FUTURE collaborates with Parisian fashion house Lanvin, launching a unisex collection symbolizing transformation and regeneration.


FUTURE, the Atlanta-born maestro of beats and vibes and Parisian powerhouse, Lanvin have just dropped the LANVIN LAB by FUTURE collection.  This ain't just a collab, it's a fusion of attitude, strength, and a touch of interstellar magic.

The collection is named PLUTO, symbolizing regeneration and transformation, reflecting similar qualities to the former ninth planet in our solar system. It's like the duo is giving fashion a whole new orbit. And why not? This collab is a great way to kick off the LANVIN LAB project – a creative space where artists and designers come together to cook up some cultural fireworks.

FUTURE, the founder of Freebandz and a family-centric guy, is all about family love and really got a vibe from the mother-daughter relationship of Jeanne and Marguerite Lanvin. And speaking of vibes, music takes centre stage in this LANVIN LAB debut.  FUTURE, with his beats and rhythm, has cooked up a collection that's not just clothes – it's a whole mood.

"I created a vibe with this collection, something you can feel when you wear it," says FUTURE. "Jeanne Lanvin drew inspiration from her life and lifestyle. We are the same in that way, we create from experience. "

Now, let's dive into the collection – it's unisex, layered, tailored, and accessorised to the cosmic heavens. Faux fur hats, sunglasses, hoods – it's a layering party. Metal accents? Check! Belts, bags, gloves and for those who dream literally, there are sleep sets with slippers, a pillow, and a mask – bedtime just got a chic upgrade.

Symbols take flight in the form of the Eagle and the Star. The Eagle screams courage, majesty, and truth, flying high with bird's eye vision. The Star? It's protective and empowering, lighting the way forward. FUTURE, dug into the Lanvin archives, embroiders metallic studs onto leather, creating a constellation jacket that's nothing short of dazzling. And he's printed vintage Lanvin perfume campaigns typography onto denim – a nod to the golden years.

And not stopping there! FUTURE's drops his own remixed version of the Curb sneaker – the Curb 3.0. It's like he's saying, "Step into the future in style."

Photographed by Joshua Woods, the campaign with model Amelia Gray is a visual fiesta. FUTURE decided to celebrate the launch of his collection on his birthday (Nov 20th) in Las Vegas at the LANVIN boutique. The  LANVIN LAB by FUTURE collection is available now with prices starting at Β£300. More drops will be releasing in early 2024.

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