Nordcurrent's Revolutionary Way to Blend the Fashion Industry and Gaming

Nordcurrent's new 'Pocket Styler Studio' merges fashion creativity with gaming, offering a sustainable styling universe.


Recently, the award-winning mobile game developer, Nordcurrent’s launched their innovative way to bring fashion and gaming together. After playing the 2021 Pocket Styler game and levelling up to level 5, you are able to unlock their new revolutionary creator platform, ‘Pocket Styler Studio’ where designers can express themselves through the one of a kind fashion creator platform on desktop or Tablet/ iPad. 

Pocket Styler has been proven to be one of the best games for fashion fanatic. With the recent news of the beloved Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game shutting down after 10 years, it is probably time to move on and Pocket Styler looks like a perfect substitute if you haven’t played the game already. 

The new UCG (user-generated content) platform is the first to create its own in game marketplace where players can make clothing to the very last detail, including the patterns, prices and styles and sell to other players to gain designer influence and gems which can then be used to buy new clothes and accessories and create their own designer brand associated with their character by choosing its brand name and logo. 

With fashion trends moving so fast, the marketplace could revolutionise the way the fashion world works by predicting the fashion forecast and providing the industry with what's hot and bestselling with real-life and instant data and allow new and young creatives to be highlighted.


I believe we might see Pocket Styler Studio revolutionising the fashion world by democratising fashion design. It will give anyone, anywhere in the world, the chance to become a fashion designer and be their own fashion brand.

Victoria Trofimova - CEO of Nordcurrent


Players can keep up with the ever changing trends by creating any fashion item they desire whilst also allowing them to uniquely customise them and even put their own spin on already established fashion items, trends and styles. But how does it work?

Firstly, you access the editor, add your Nordcurrent ID to log in and link your accounts. Then you can start editing your pieces using their easy-to-use interface with the option of a follow along tutorial to get you all set.

Choose the item you'd like to design (some of these are limited to your in-game level) and go layer by layer perfecting all the different details like the neckline, edging, shadows, fabric, pattern, decals and much more. You can even freestyle your designs by drawing onto the piece with their brush tool. The ability to truly make what you want is here and you can let your creativity run wild.

When you're done and have made the perfect garment, make sure to save and export it to your app. This is where the selling and marketplace comes in, when it loads to your app, the designs will be saved on the designer profile tab until they are ready to be published into the Pocket Styler world. You then set your gem price and once on sale, it is easy to track your progress as a designer. There are over 310 TRILLION possible combinations of outfits already in the roster but unlike traditional design production, the digital age of styling is 97% less harmful to the planet meaning why not style your outfits in Pocket Styler? Nothing more stylish than sustainability and why not have fun whilst doing it. You can download the app here. Happy styling!

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