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Unity's CEO steps down amidst backlash, Stardew Valley's soundtrack goes on tour, and Minecraft players rally against mob vote.


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No such thing as a lack of content in the gaming community. First, let’s talk business - despite his nine years at the company, Unity’s CEO John Riccitiello is stepping down effective immediately after the backlash from weeks of protest from game developers and fans for the recently new fee-based runtime structure of the games on Unity’s Engine. Forcing developers to pay a fee depending on sales. Whilst they finally walked back on some key features, they ultimately lost the trust of devs and the community leaving many games being pulled from the engine. We hope James Whitehurst (the interim CEO) will start to rebuild that trust between gamers, devs and the engine again whilst they look for a replacement.

There have been loads we need to update you on since our last news round up, the new Super Mario Bros. game, Five Nights at Freddy's movie and more, we will cover everything right here. Let’s get into the good stuff!

Stardew Valley’s Soundtrack is going worldwide!

Stardew Valley (2016) is adored by many gamers and is known as one of the best RPG farming simulators ever. With constant updates and a massive fanbase, the game is nowhere near being dead, regardless of it being 7 years old. The beloved title has one of the greatest game soundtracks to date with 70 songs all made by the developer Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe) who has single-handedly created the game. There’s no surprise that the admiration for the soundtrack has led them to them taking it on tour! This ambitious project was confirmed when ConcernedApe announced in a tweet that the Festival Of Seasons will kick off next year with 14 dates confirmed in America, Canada, Australia, UK, South Korea and Thailand

Animal Crossing IRL

After teasing the anticipated collaboration between LEGO® and Animal Crossing™ , it has been confirmed that there will be five new LEGO sets to release in March 2024. These will consist of some of the most recognisable villagers and special characters in Animal Crossing. These consist of Julian, Bunnie, Marshal, Kapp’n, Isabelle, Fauna, Tom Nook and Rosie. The minifigures even have their own specially molded heads. and other items in the game can be found with their own custom pieces. They have been designed to fit together and be highly customisable (why not take Isabelle on an adventure in Kapp’n’s boat?) The different sets are limited to make it financially accessible for all ages due to the playerbase of the game. The sets consist of:

Minecraft Players Stand Up

Have you seen the new #StopTheMobVote trending on TikTok and Twitter/ X recently? Minecraft players are coming together to throw an online rebellion against the mob vote, the hashtag has gained over 50 million views on TikTok, massed over 500k signatures on a petition and, even spawned propaganda inspired artwork and edits calling for justice for the losing mobs (It’s seriously crazy!). Players are usually given a choice of three different mobs to be added into the game and complaints have been coming in about the unfairness of the votes. Popular streamers have been skewing the vote by telling their fanbase's to vote for a certain mob, paired with criticism of laziness on behalf of the development team which has pushed the community to come together. We'll be keeping an eye on the movement and its progress.  

Five Night's at Freddy's Feature Film

The brand new Five Night's at Freddy's (FNAF) movie is coming to cinemas later this month on 25th October in the UK just in time for Halloween. This legendary game came out 9 years ago in 2014 and with the massive influx of games being made into films, it's about time for FNAF to be brought to life through a cinematic lens. The film will follow the narrative of the FNAF story where a new night-time security guard protagonist named Mike starts his job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when he realises that the animatronic mascots have come alive and are coming after him. The horror sees what it would be like to see the plot through a different medium. Head to their website to see where to watch near you.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

A new big title comes from Nintendo next week with the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder (£49.99) coming 2oth October. We haven't had a traditional side-scrolling Super Mario game since New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U in 2012, so fans of the particular genre will be excited to get their hands on this one! In the game you will be able to collect wonder seeds and complete levels in the Flower Kingdom whilst avoiding some of the classic enemies. Mario's new abilities let you capture enemies with bubbles, burrow into the ground with the drill mushroom or become an elephant that smashes through the level! The new badge feature allows you to equip the ones you find to gain different types of perks. Take a look below for more info on the game. Will you be getting Mario Wonder? Let us know what you think on Twitter/ X.

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