TikTok Lifesaver Hacks you won’t want to live without.


TikTok has been a lifesaver (for most of us anyway) over this lockdown period. Endlessly scrolling through videos of lipsyncing to funny tv moments or even trying to learn a new dance. Either one, it has kept us very entertained, to say the least.

However you’ve probably learnt a lot more from it than you originally thought you would. So many different users have accounts to just entertain but there are so many that actually keep you informed and help you out.

Here are some of the Tik Tok hacks we’ve found and can’t live without!

First is greasy hair. I can speak for a lot of people here who have issues with their hair becoming or looking greasy, literally the day after we’ve put all the effort into washing it.

TikTok user Ashleigh who is a salon owner has shared some handy hair tips and tutorials on her account. She says shampooing your hair twice can help your hair not become as greasy straight after you’ve washed it.


I’ve been trying this since seeing this video and unfortunately I haven’t noticed too much difference to the length of time it takes for my hair to get its grease back. However, my hair does feel better for doing it.

Next are heatless curls.

This could be one to try after double shampooing your hair. A simple hack to get your hair curly, just from a dressing gown belt. I tried this hack and I can confirm it works. Check out my video.


Has anyone else had that annoying hunt for trousers or jogging bottoms that you want to fit everywhere, but it’s almost impossible to find?! This TikTok user has helped us out! Their method shows you how to perfectly roll up at the bottom to get a more even fit.


Next, I’m sure most can relate to, where you’ve arrived somewhere and clasped our wrists to get a bobble and forgotten to put one there! If you need to get your hair up and off your face and unfortunately don’t have a bobble to hand, this hack is perfect for you.


Lastly, have you ever sat for hours helplessly trying to make your beauty blender look brand new again and ended up spending on another one? Well, now you don’t have to. Chuck it in the washing machine and it comes out brand new.

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