Sustainability made stylish with WAWWA Worker’s Club 👕♻️🎒



WAWWA has been following the path towards sustainable fashion since its 2016 creation, crafting vegan-friendly, upcycled clothing that puts the planet first. Their latest initiative, WAWWA Worker’s Club: By Worker’s, For Worker’s stays true to the incredible brand’s commitment – while also bridging the gap between brands and consumers.

This initiative remains totally unique yet will certainly prove ground-breaking in the fashion industry. Inviting customers to customise their own apparel across a dotted grid with whatever design comes to mind, the garments remain completely one-of-a-kind, with ethical manufacturing being sure to minimise the overall environmental impact.

Across a minimalist, neutral colour palette, the collection includes organically-sourced cotton t-shirts (£45), hoodies (£75) and sweatshirts (£75), as well as a 100% organic tote bag (£30). With each purchase, you’ll receive your own needle and embroidery thread to allow you to let your imagination take over and personalise your pieces however you like/want!

Inspiring both creativity and the fight for sustainability, this initiative is like no other and isn’t an opportunity to pass up. Check out the WAWWA Worker’s Club collection online and test out your sewing skills!

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