SKIMS Teams Up With The Hottest Music Stars For New Campaign 😍🎵🤩




SKIMS brings together rising female stars Ice Spice, RAYE, Pinkpantheress and Nessa Barrett as the faces of their new campaign to launch the new shapewear cuts to their Seamless Sculpt collection! Social media queen Kim Kardashian is an expert at spotting talent with these ladies racking over 1.5 billion streams combined on Spotify and over 500 million followers on TikTok! Ice Spice and Pinkpantheress have dominated world charts with the uniquely feminine yet edgy banger ‘Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2’, while singer/songwriter RAYE’s hit single ‘Escapism’ found some well-deserved global spotlight. The newest pop starling to hit the scene, Nessa Barrett, is on track to become one of the biggest music sensations in the industry. No surprise that SKIMS picked these powerhouses.

Ice Spice

The new shapewear line is a well-curated collection of lightweight, sculpting and inclusive pieces embracing all body types and designed to make you feel sexy yet comfy. This is also the brands largest offering of innovative styles since they launched back in 2019.

Each artist had something to say about how they found the upcoming collection—Ice Spice loves that it made her feel “snatched,” adding that “SKIMS just gets it.” Pinkpantheress found it “empowering” and RAYE truly believed that the launch is a game-changer. And for Nessa Barrett, she said the range is her ultimate go-to, especially while touring.

Nessa Barrett

The exciting new release celebrates women empowerment and the beauty of individuality by creating comforting shapewear that fits YOUR body, not the other way ‘round! Tbh, we’ve already got those post notifications on!

The updated Seamless Sculpt Collection is available on April 27th, on the SKIMS website and all social platforms.

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