Say Hello To radiant, youthful skin with GAIA Skincare's first-ever SPF Moisturiser ☀️🏖️



The award-winning natural skincare and spa-brand has launched its first-ever SPF moisturiser which aims to work alongside its customer’s existing skincare routine. Specially crafted to shield your face and neck from the scorching sun, this formula not only prevents sunburn but also combats those harmful rays that can lead to premature ageing. This SPF 50+ DAILY is created with the nourishing power of Vitamin E and B5, to provide for optimum hydration and shield your precious skin cells from harm.  

The SPF has undergone dermatological testing to ensure its quality. It is thoughtfully formulated to cater to all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Plus, it carries the vegan label, aligning with your ethical choices. The formula is a 'broad spectrum' wonder. It's designed to shield your skin from the UVA and UVB rays, providing an elevated level of protection, you know. 

Crafted with sustainability at the forefront, the green glass bottle is not only reusable but also recyclable. The bottle is conveniently sized to fit in your bag on regular days or on your holidays. 

Hitting the stores on July 12th, the SPF (50mL) will be available for £35 on the brand's website  as well as at select spa partners of GAIA Skincare.

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