Pharrell’s Humanrace and adidas release new Samba sneaker



Pharrell Williams is a name that is synonymous with fashion, music, and creativity. His fashion and sneaker collections are some of the most sought-after in the industry, and this latest drop with the Three Stripes appears to be no different. A continuation of Pharrell's ongoing (and highly prolific) partnership with adidas, the ‘Humanrace Samba Colours by Pharrell’ includes six stunning colourways, each representing the diversity and vibrance of the Humanrace's DNA. From the bright and bold Yellow and Orange to the dreamy and soft Lilac, there's a colour for every personality and style.

The collection is a luxurious adaptation of the original Samba model, and according to adidas, “was born out of a desire to celebrate the craftsmanship and heritage behind adidas’ epochal silhouette and his appreciation for luxury and colour”. Each colourway in the collection resounds this message, from the passionate and powerful Red to the joyful and larky Pink. Away from the suede toecap of the original Samba model, he has clad the entire silhouette in rich leather and leather shoelaces (probably our favourite part of the magic) sourced from ECCO Leather, a renowned premium leather producing company.

“We’re instilling high quality materials and craftsmanship back into footwear”

Pharrell Williams

Another fascinating aspect of the collection is the friends and family exclusive Humanrace Green. This is a deep, rich green colourway which we believe flatter the deep connection between Williams, adidas, and the Humanrace community. The campaign also offers a sneak peek at the Charcoal, White, and Terracotta designs in addition to the six colourways dropping this month.

This collection is not just about aesthetics. The sneakers are designed for both style and comfort, with a cushioned sole and supportive fit- it's sure to be a hit with sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add a pop of colour to your wardrobe (and you should; Pharrell’s instruction), this collection has something for everyone.

The Humanrace Samba Colours by Pharrell is available to the public online at, as well as in stores at Extra Butter, New York City and Offspring in London.

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