Kano Teams Up With C.P Company To Tell a Story, and It’s Not About Boys Loving Girls!

Credit: Vicky Grout
Credit: Vicky Grout



Luxury fashion brand, C.P Company, known for its innovative and protective designs, has teamed up with award-winning British artiste, Kano, to release a limited-edition jacket that perfectly blends fashion and music. A collaboration inspired by similarities between Kano's approach to music production and the structure of the brand's design, the jacket reflects Kano's personal style and echoes the protective innovation that C.P Company is known for.

Designed by Kano, this one-of-a-kind jacket is part of the C.P Company’s iconic Metropolis Series and features water-resistant GORE TEX3L fabrication, making it the perfect choice for the unpredictable British weather. “Art inspired by my surroundings; a jacket informed by the city”, the rapper puts it.

What sets it apart, however, is its detailed chronicling of Kano's personal music journey. His influence can be seen throughout the jacket, from the bold colour choices to the intricate detailing. The interior design presents an exclusive insight into elements of Kano’s original studio sessions whilst recording his hit record–Hoodies All Summer–with the bias binding of the jacket spread with the artiste’s board tapes and handwritten notes.

The limited-edition field jacket is set to be a must-have item for fans of both C.P Company and Kano. It is a true representation of the oneness between fashion and music, and a testament to the power of collaboration between two creative forces. Speaking about the collaboration, Kano, who has been at the forefront of the British music scene for over a decade, said: "Collaboration is only authentic when there’s a genuine synergy between two minds.”

This partnership launched at a night of live music curated by the artiste, dubbed ‘Tapes Redefined’. It featured some of the biggest names past and present in the London music scene, including an all-female DJ roster.

The limited-edition Kano x C.P Company Metropolis Series Field Jacket (£1000) is exclusively available for pre-order on the FLANNELS website, and in stores at FLANNELS X and FLANNELS Liverpool.

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