Huda Beauty Serves The Magic In Just 1 COAT 😲🤲🏽 



Could Huda's latest product be the answers t0 every mascara fans prayers: a mascara that does it all, without the hassle of multiple steps. The HUDA beauty 1 Coat WOW- Extra Volumizing and Lifting Mascara aims to takes the struggle out of achieving stunning lashes. 

Thanks to its innovative silicone brush, which has a combination of short and long bristles to effortlessly capture the ideal amount of formula to beautifully coat and enhance your lashes to provide volume with just one dip. The mascara also boasts a convex side that expertly combs through the formula, ensuring each lash is perfectly separated and defined. Regardless of your mascara technique with the dual-shaped brush, it aims to give your lashes a major impact like never before. Priced at £20, the product will be available for purchase on Sephora through the Klarna App starting on July 11, 2023.

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