From Ocean Waves to Waves of Pleasure: The World’s First Sex Toys Made With Ocean Plastic


Plastic has been at the heart of the sex toy industry for a number of years, but entrepreneur Mathilde Mackowski is on a mission to change that with her new ohhcean collection – the world’s first sex toy range made with ocean-bound plastic.

Featuring products made from silky silicone, giving a new life to old plastic, Mackowski’s idea was born out of her disrupted view at the beach as plastic waste rolled over the waves. Being in a position to create change, as Co-Owner of Scandinavia’s largest online sex toy business Sinful, the innovator acknowledged her role in the problem and identified how she could become part of the solution.

After a long, complex journey met with many challenges, reducing the impact of her business’ products on the planet became Mackowski’s main mission. Partnering with #tide, one of the world’s leading players in upcycling and recycling ocean-bound plastic, the duo created the ohhcean collection consisting of 3 rechargeable products: Magic Wand, G-spot Vibrator, and Body Vibrator. Coming in soft aquatic shades, these modern designs are soft to touch, assisting you to find your most sensitive spots effortlessly. Each product arrives in eco-considerate packaging, keeping the strong sustainability theme throughout.

ohhcean OBP-01 Magic Wand – £64.99

This 24cm blue-shaded wand has been aesthetically designed with wavy lines and a solid core of recycled ocean-bound plastic covered in soft silicone. Coming with 7 different vibrations, this luxuriously lightweight wand can cater to both sore muscles and soft spots – knowing its recycled core plays a tiny part in cleaning up plastic from in and around the ocean. So we can feel good whilst doing good? Sign us up!

OBP-02 G-spot Vibrator -£44.99

Second on the list from ohhcean is the G-spot Vibrator, presented in an ocean shade, providing 7 vibrations and 11cm of length. Equipped with the same wavy design and made from silky silicone, this waterproof innovative compact vibrator can be taken with you wherever you’re heading.

OBP-03 Body Vibrator – £34.99

Completing the collection is the brand’s Body Vibrator, featuring the same 7 vibration patterns, a palm perfect design and covered in a thin layer of velvety silicone. It’s time to set sail, measuring 10cm in length and arriving in a soothing ocean-blue wrapping, this multi-use product can be used for stimulation across the body.

It’s been a long process. This is just the beginning, and we are so excited to have started the first wave with the launch of ohhcean.

Mathilde Mackowski, Creator and Founder of ohhcean

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