Listen Up! Urbanears Are Stepping Up Their Sustainability Game & It’s Music To Our Ears


Swedish audio lifestyle brand Urbanears announced the upcoming release of their true wireless headphones, but they’re putting a spin on it – they are made from trash… yes you read right.

Headphones have become one of our daily essentials whenever we leave the house, especially so we can act out your musical main character moment in your head (don’t say you haven’t done this because you definitely have) so if you’re anything like us, the feeling of forgetting them is crushing. More than ever, with our constant hustle and bustle, sometimes we just want to be in our own headspace, and listen to whatever helps us get there.

Known for their products’ signature clean and minimalist designs – making them look as good as they sound – Urbanears pride themselves of ensuring a comfortable listening experience and this release is no different! Coming in two different models, the Urbanears Boo 97% and Boo Tip 91%, the new products are made from recycled plastics including, bottles, air conditioner units and other junk.

The release of these headphones marks the beginning of a better future for sound and sustainability within this market sector, with hopes of inspiring other popular brands to do the same. By committing to sustainability in every part of their business, Urbanears want to focus on inclusion, equality and transparency.   

Operating in an industry that is yet to adapt to the global climate crisis, we feel that we have a responsibility to act. We owe it to consumers to deliver more sustainable products that are easier on the planet, without having them compromise on sound experience, design or product features.

Emelie James, Sustainability Manager at Urbanears

Urbanears Boo and Boo Tip are available to purchase now on the Urbanears website, retailing at £69.99.

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