Stormzy Just Dropped ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ & It’s Giving All Things Fashion & British Black Excellence


Mel, Mel, Mel – she’s only gone and done it again. Melissa Holdbrook–Akposoe has wowed us with 14 different looks in Stormzy’s latest video ‘Mel Made Me Do it’, celebrating black British excellence – yes, yes, and yes again!

Melissa best known as Melissa’s Wardrobe is a renowned celebrity stylist who has worked with the likes of Anthony Joshua, Maya Jama, Michael Dappah and most famously Stormzy. But she does not stop at celebrity styling, she founded ‘It’s A Lifestyle Hun’, a space for recommendations and lifestyle lessons, she also has her own blog which she is best known for ‘Melissa’s Wardrobe’. From criminology student and receptionist to fashion intern and now celebrity stylist, beauty blogger, content creator and interior designer, what doesn’t she do?

Melissa has played a major part in the evolution of Stormzy’s style; from the iconic red Adidas tracksuit in his ‘Shut Up’ music video, which arguably was the beginning of his career, to dressing the star in head to toe black when making diss tracks ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Still Disappointed’, and now ‘Mel Made Me Do It.’ The music video features Stormzy wearing notable designer brands all styled by Melissa including Prada, Valentino, Bottega Venat, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Bianca Saunders. Melissa stated, “With this music video and the clothes in particular we wanted to reflect where he’s going with his personal life, where there’s lots of growth and maturity.”

In this video Melissa had full creative control over what he wore, with the rapper, singer and songwriter saying to her, “You can do whatever you like within reason of course, but whatever you’ve envisioned for me so far, I will let you have full rein to do it.” We find Stormzy wearing a lot of bright and vibrant colours in his new release, also dressed in a more formal approach to clothing as opposed to his usual casual attire. However, Melissa allowed the artist to branch out whilst still keeping in line with his true tone, “He is still going to wear tracksuits but there going to be cashmere” – I guess we can’t get rid of them that easily!

We see Stormzy in a range of colours including an electric blue Jacquemus co-ord, a rich burgundy top and trouser set by Valentino, a Bottega lime green jacket that seamlessly paired with Melissa as she sported a neon green top in the video. Our personal favourite, the cobalt blue two piece by Black-owned fashion designer, Bianca Saunders. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what she has in store next for the fashion-icon in the making.

From actress Michaela Coel, presenters Nella Rose, Henrie and Zeze Millz, to rappers JME, Headie One, Dave and many more, the video also features appearances from many Black British public figures – what’s not to love?

This has been considered as one of the biggest fashion moments in the UK to date. The music video conveys to the rest of the UK that Black beauty, Black excellence, and most importantly Black lives are relevant – “This is not a phase. This is phase one.”

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