The Kidswear Brand Encouraging The Next Generation To Make Global Change


Giving us some food for thought, infaant announces their thought-provoking yet stylish debut kids apparel collection featuring 100% organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers – and we are obsessed!

Inspired by the little humans that live amongst us, the brand was birthed after the founder, Ryan Knight, noticed his child’s growing awareness of their choices and the world around them. Targeting the inquisitive and curious young minds who always question and observe the unexpected.

Capturing the great fun, but large responsibility that comes with bringing a child into the world, infaant’s minimalist tonal series is countered by the distinctive print-focused ‘infaant by Passarella’ collaboration. As we take a closer look into the design of the collection’s cohesive items, we see an array of soft prints provoking a conversion about climate change including, a leopard on a life raft, and an Orangutan playing with construction toys and a Polar bear in a kiddie’s pool. These strongly understandable yet wordless images take a child-friendly but thought-invoking route of storytime, to tell the effect humans’ actions have on the environment and habitats of the creatures around us. The brand set the goal that maybe one day the young wearer will have enough curiosity to ask why the polar bear is in a kiddie pool or why the leopard looks sad. 

Infaant’s minimalist neutral range puts children first by encouraging a sense of childhood playfulness and creativity, that many of us know and love. Comfortable, durable and stylish so your little one can dominate the world without worrying about the damage to their wardrobe, these styles are definitely set to become an everyday favourite for both you and your kids. 

Prompting our kids to ask questions and understand the world challenges at an early age can only equip them to make a difference sooner.

Ryan Knight, Founder of infaant

Kids are the future of this planet therefore we have to prepare them for what’s to come, and what better way to teach them than through the use of clothes and animation! With sizes 2-14 and prices ranging from £40- £90, items can now be shopped on the infaant website.

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