Footballer Raheem Sterling Collaborates With New Balance On A Co-Designed Collection


This month sees the unveiling of a true athletic collaboration, as footballer Raheem Sterling MBE collaborates with sports footwear and apparel brand, New Balance. Drawing on inspiration from the star athletes’ rise to success on the pitch, the co-designed New Balance Shadow of My Dreams collection is influenced by Sterling’s growth from playing street football to representing his national team at the highest level.

The signature collection includes football boots, lifestyle footwear and an assortment of apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants. All celebrating England’s international path triumph, the range features a striking black and red colour theme whilst centring around a limited edition Furon v6+ football boot, and custom 327 trainers – so you have stylish options for on and off the pitch.

Etched into each inner sole reads the words ‘You are the creator of your own success’, a gentle daily reminder for those who dare to dream. Sporting his Furon v6+ football boots on the pitch, the winning title Forward described his journey of co-designing for his debut New Balance collection: “I really wanted to celebrate where my football journey began and demonstrate that even being born into the most difficult of circumstances cannot stop your rise to achieving the biggest of dreams.”

“I never stopped believing in myself. I want young people to find pride in their beginnings and reach for the stars too.”

Raheem Sterling MBE, Footballer

New Balance’s Senior Creative Design Manager for Global Football, Luc Fasaro described his experience working with the talent: “It is an incredible opportunity as a designer to be able to work with him [Raheem] to bring his story to life for his first signature collection for the brand, giving our product a much deeper, emotional meaning that we can’t wait for our consumers to experience.”

Raheem’s personal journey to become who he is today is not only one of the most fascinating in the world of football, but also extremely important to him.

Luc Fasaro, Senior Creative Design Manager for Global Football at New Balance

Giving the next generation a stronger voice, Raheem used this opportunity, alongside his global platform, to encourage and promote fellow Brent native and rising singer-songwriter, City Boy Moe. Known for his music addressing North-West London, Moe is set to replicate Sterling’s success, with hopes to one day perform on the main stage.

The full collection is available to purchase now in-store and online, so if you want to match Sterling’s style, you better move quick.

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