British Fashion House MJB Joins Forces With Overwatch 2 To Launch A Collection Sported By Giggs, Darkoo, Wallis Day and Hope Ikpoku Jnr


What happens when you take the gaming world and bring it to life? Well, British fashion house, MJB knows all too well as they launch an exclusive hero-inspired collection, exclusively in Selfridges, to celebrate the release of the brand-new Overwatch 2 video game. 

Centring around four of the key heroes from the sequel from debuting Kiriko, and Sojourn, to the OG 2016 game’s Lúcio and Genji; each piece from the collection has been carefully designed by the House’s Founder and Creative Director, Marc Jacques Burton, to capture the hero’s unique personalities and values.

Showcasing the collection, the campaign stars the best of British talent from the realms of music and film, transforming familiar faces, such as rapper Giggs, Afrobeat singer Darkoo, actress Wallis Day, and actor and musician Hope Ikpoku Jnr. Sporting the Kiriko collection, Wallis Day donned an oversized bomber jacket adorned with Marc’s hand-painted roses, whilst Giggs highlighted the innovative, two-piece balaclava hoodie from the Lúcio line. Hope Ikpoku Jnr turned heads in the silver organza windbreaker set from the Genji collection, and Darkoo made the Sojourn offering her own, dressed in a bowling silk set and shorts – spotlighting a beige to white lightning print. 

Talking about the ‘epic’ partnership with Overwatch 2, Burton said “I normally work with musicians creating stage and studio pieces for them and on this occasion, working with videogame heroes, pushed me to think through the personality traits of heroes and create pieces that they could save the world in.”

Looking forward to seeing the collection go live at Selfridges, the creative added: “I am super excited for everyone to see the incredible new spiked organza fabric we have developed as well as the all-over pocket design of Lúcio’s hero outfit.”

The Overwatch heroes may be on a mission to protect the world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish whilst doing so! The collection officially launches online and exclusively in the Oxford Street Selfridges store, are you joining the heroes on their mission?

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