Celebrating female empowerment with “Tell It Like a Woman” 💖

Jennifer Hudson



Nothing is better than strong, powerful women. Female empowerment is so important, and the Oscar-nominated film feature 'Tell It Like A Woman' portrays the experience of being a woman perfectly.

Women are central to this emotional feature, in which seven short anthology stories are told about women and – even better – directed by women, too. Directors Taraji P Henson, Silvia Carobbio and Catherine Hardwicke are among the all-female crew behind the stories, and we spotted some famous faces starring in the film like Jennifer Hudson, Eva Longoria and Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne
Jennifer Ulrich

The film delves into the hardships women endure, from balancing life as a struggling single mother and helping the homeless during the pandemic to preparing for life after prison, make up the unique stories of the women in each story, some of which are based on real-life experiences. Themes of domestic abuse, mental health issues and addiction highlight the real challenges that are so ever-present in many women's lives – and the stories showcase just how women overcome and work through them.

Ultimately, the movie is an incredible celebration of the female gender, and we love it. It isn’t afraid to get dark and dirty when representing each woman’s story, which of course makes it all the more effective.

The narrative couldn’t be more unique, with the seven anthologies told across five languages and portraying characters from around the globe. Yet, all of the women have similarities - the challenges women face, and how we will always find a way to overcome them.

Angali Lama, Jacqueline Fernandez

The film even features “Applause”, an Oscar-nominated original song written by award-winning songwriter Dianne Warren, and performed by singer and actress Sofia Carson.

A star-studded cast, Oscar-nominated music, poignant storylines AND a celebration of women? Yes, please! We all know that equality for women and empowerment is something we’re still striving to achieve, so this female-led production is a major win for women everywhere.

Initially released in 2022, you can now catch this show-stopping piece on digital streaming platforms and see just how incredible women are!

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