Celebrate Women's Equality Day With Us 🪧✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻

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Today is Women’s Equality Day. It's one of the most iconic days of National celebrations all over the world! It is a day that celebrates women's great achievements and emphasises the importance of women's rights for democracy. Women's Equality Day is the turning point of the historical struggle for women’s equality and women’s rights, empowering us women to reach our full potential in a world where gender does not limit opportunities.

Women's equality Day is celebrated every August 26, reminding us all of the iconic women who struggled facing discrimination and violence to propel the women's movement forward.

For women to claim their voice, they demanded the right to vote at the start of the 19th century. In 1920, the ‘19th Amendment' ensured everyone had the right to vote regardless of their gender. However, women in all states, cultures and religious groups still had to work hard to secure their rights to vote. In 1928, voting rights for women became legal in the United Kingdom, Finland and New Zealand granting women voting rights, however, women still faced huge discrimination.

Gender-based discrimination unfortunately still exists in homes, workplaces, educational settings and in public spaces. There is still  a huge lack of representation of women in Sport’s specifically football (the Mary Earps and Nike situation is a prime example) and F1 Racing. This is a clear  reminder of the continuous struggle for women's inclusion and equality in all spheres of life and society, today we are celebrating the achievements of women’s rights activists!

How to celebrate Women’s Equality Day! 

· Celebrate all the Women in your family - You can do this by planning an evening dinner out, a movie or fun activity or how about a #GirlsNight!

· Wear purple – This colour is associated with Women’s Equality Day since the start of the 20th century

· Create a campaign – Campaigns are always a great way to raise awareness, get people to listen and create change! 

· Create a protest(peaceful) - Think of issues that we go through that need to change

There are many ways to celebrate the day empowering women: Show your support and tell us what you're doing to celebrate - Tag us on IG or tweet us.

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