Say Bye Bye To Single Use Plastics With Nowa Drops Innovative Sustainable Body Care


Ever find yourself throwing away endless bottles of used hand soap, body wash and many other toiletries? Well the Swedish brand, Nowa Drops have found a sustainable solution that reduces the amount of single use plastics we consume, plant-based powders that turn tap water into liquid body care. Yep, you heard that right, we can turn our tap water into body care products!

But you may be wondering how, so let us take you right back to the beginning of this creative invention. 2019 saw Tommie Lögdahl establish Nowa Drops, with an ambition to make the world’ best body care in a way that’s best for the world, and he did just that.

After three years of development, the European startup has announced the launch of their award-winning innovation; a small paper sachet filled with plant-based ingredients that has the ability to change the water straight from your tap into a fresh bottle of hand and body wash – just like magic! Now the brand has launched a Kickstarter campaign, a platform to raise funds via crowdfunding for the development of their product, in order to offer their new creation to the UK public.

With products like soaps already containing around 80% water and filled in single-use plastic bottles, you may potentially be spending money on plastic waste and water that you’ve already got at home, but this start-up is trying to make that a thing of the past as they reinvent everyday products with a low environmental impact to help eliminate water transport, reduce plastic waste and make sustainable living just that little bit easier. Founder, Tommie Lögdahl believes ‘sustainable living could be easy if we all work together, being kind to the planet can be as easy as refilling our everyday products.’

The UN identified plastic waste as one of the world’s biggest environmental challenges, with only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced having been recycled and the rest ending up in landfills, nature or oceans.

Tired of the outdated throw-away society we are currently living in, Nowa Drops has ensured every detail has been carefully considered from plant-based ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and the environment to the compostable pouch made of FSC-certified paper. Each refill sachet contains 10 grams of powder, that in return creates 200 millilitres of body gel. This sounds like a fun and sustainable alternative to us!

We wanted to eliminate water transportation and the need for single-use plastic by creating a water-free powder solution and a refillable bottle designed to last.

Tommie Lögdahl, Founder of Nowa Drops

Fancy getting your hands on the zero-waste hand and body wash? Visit Nowa Drops on Kickstarter to meet the founder, learn more about sustainable living and pre-order your very own!

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