Suki Waterhouse launches waterdrop® x Suki Waterhouse


Suki Waterhouse has exclusively partnered with Waterdrop, the innovators of the world’s first microdrink, to launch waterdrop® x Suki Waterhouse.  

Drinking water is something that many of us struggle with- some find it tasteless, miss that extra something you get from cordial or fizzy drinks or you just struggle to drink your recommended daily intake. But staying hydrated is super important for our bodies. It helps with many things like improving sleep, keeps our organs functioning, fights infections but overall helps our bodies operate at its best. And Suki’s range is great way to help increase your water intake in a nice, easy and simple way.

For those that aren’t familiar with what a microdrink is, well, it is a sugar-free cube that consists of real fruit, plant extracts and full of vitamins, which you add to clean water and as simple as that, you are good to go.  

waterdrop® x Suki Waterhouse

“I’m always on an ongoing mission to try and drink as much water as possible. Ensuring I drink enough water is certainly important to me, however, I’m the first to admit I usually fall short. When I learnt of waterdrop’s mission I was so impressed with what they have set out to achieve, and take the opportunity to learn about how I can personally affect my own water drinking habits in a sustainable way.”

Suki Waterhouse

The collection includes 12 microdrinks in four flavours: Love, Zen, Youth and Boost, a beautiful, limited edition glass bottle; designed by Suki and a thermal sleeve made of neoprene to protect the bottle, whilst on the go. The range is sustainable, sophisticated and stylish with beautiful watercolour designs that will definitely bring a smile and a boost of positivity.

The collection is priced at £41.80 and is available on their website. Find more information here.

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