Must-Have Beauty Brand REFY Launches New Glow Collection Just In Time For Summer


If you haven’t heard of REFY, then it’s time to get to know! The award-winning beauty brand is treating us to the launch of The Glow Collection this June, and it’s simply perfect for the summer season ahead.

Marking their most empowering campaign to date, the REFY Glow Collection has been designed to empower and feel confident in their own skin. Staying true to its core inclusivity aim of creating products for everyone, the brand has further developed its much-loved Gloss Highlighter formula for the body.

Showcasing the universal range that works for each skin tone and type, the REFY Glow Collection’s two unique products have been designed with every customer in mind. Let us introduce you to the REFY Face Primer and REFY Body Glow, retailing for £24 and £28 respectively, designed to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow – helping you celebrate the skin you’re in!

The first (and arguably one of the most crucial) steps in your face routine is primer, and REFY is here to assist you through that step this summer. The new Face Primer is a hydrating serum that sculpts your face to leave a healthy glow. Although its main mission is to prime the face for makeup, the serum has added skincare benefits that ensure it creates the perfect long-lasting base for any look – this is a must, especially in this heat!

Innovated with a unique roller applicator that allows you to sculpt the face as you apply, adding definition and reducing facial tension – as well as reducing fine lines over time – this serum is set to leave you glowing from within.

Next up in the collection is The Body Glow, a holiday necessity this summer! This moisturising product leaves your skin with a healthy, glass-like finish, a reformulation of the brand’s iconic Gloss Highlighter for an all-over body application. Featuring the same universal, golden pigment, this body glow is non-stick, non-oily and doesn’t transfer – your ideal poolside sun lounger essential.

Speaking on the creation of The Body Glow, REFY Founder Jess Hunt said: “This product is so highly requested so I am really pleased I can finally bring it out for our customers to enjoy! I LOVE the finish this gives, I just feel so highlighted and glowy, it really makes me feel amazing and I know it will make our customers feel that way too!”

Bringing something new to the market with her primer, skincare, and roller combination, Hunt described her struggle in finding a primer that worked well with her makeup: “I really wanted to create something that not only primed but had added skincare benefits, this is why we also included the roller so you can really sculpt and depuff ahead of applying makeup. Plus, it’s so relaxing!”

To top it all off, both products have been tried and tested on all skin types and tones, whilst also remaining vegan and cruelty-free.

Kickstart your summer glow with the new REFY launch, available to purchase now via the brand’s website and at select retailers!

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