Who Said Superheroes Are Just for The Movies? Veronica Beard Launches a Limited-Edition Wonder Woman Capsule for Superheroes Everywhere


The American ready-to-wear brand, many of us know and love, Veronica Beard partners with none other than Warner Bros. Yes, joining their powerful forces, the brand will release a 10-piece limited-edition capsule for Fall.

Known for creating cool and classic wardrobe essentials for women who make it happen, Veronica Beard is back this season to introduce us to an all-new inspiring Wonder Woman collection. What do the DC superheroine and the luxury fashion label have in common? Both champion women, of course, sharing the belief that all women around the globe are superheroes!

The brand’s signature silhouettes are giving a heroic makeover this October, from the iconic Miller Dickey Jacket (first designed in 2010 and given the nickname ‘The Wonder Woman’ cape) and Sheridan Jean to the Lisa Bootie, all updated in the striking colourways of the original Wonder Woman costume – red, blue, and gold. Designed to be effortlessly mixed and matched, ensuring the customer is dressed in a powerful uniform to take her through her day – and whatever adventures she may come across. 

But this collection is about you. We want women everywhere to embrace the superheroes they are, to know their superpower. Because as someone once told Wonder Woman, you are stronger than you believe.

Veronica & Veronica, Founders of Veronica Beard

If you’re a modern multifaceted woman, who often finds herself multitasking, this collection will be your best friend – so you can look good, feel good and do good during all your superhero duties!

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