Ladies & Gents: The London Brand Giving An Artistic New Life To High-End Clothing That Needs To Be On Your Radar


It’s that time of year again when we indulge in the looks brought to us by designers and brands at London Fashion Week. This year, GENT London is allowing us to wear art through their newest collection. Who else is excited? We know we are!

While reworks are not unheard of, GENT London puts a unique spin on high-end clothing by taking illustrations, sketches and paintings from renowned artists, and sustainably recreating token items known and loved by the fashion community. Since the launch of the company in 2021, the vintage customisable clothing brand has a strict value to master the art of merging sustainability and creativity, awakening new life in fashion pieces. Their aim? To collaborate with international artists and showcase their admirable artistic abilities and visions, witnessing them come to life on vintage clothing.

This concept, created during the pandemic, now welcomes the newest collection which sees the rebirth of the famed classic Burberry Trench coat. The breathtaking main attraction acts as the canvas for many artists such as Sophie Tea, Desantos, Rich Simmons and Ghost. With multiple sellouts within hours (sometimes even minutes) Sophie Tea’s most popular design “Compliment Hearts” has become one of the brand’s best-selling items – now where and how can we get our hands on it?

During this season of LFW, artist Chromakane’s piece oozed immediate appeal due to the rich red colour of the Burberry Trent Coat, as opposed to the classic beige. Also striking the audience due to its colour, the eye-catching Kali coat’s beautiful design, inspired by the Hindu goddess of time and change, also stole the audience’s hearts!

Fear not, even more new collections are arriving! Who with and when, you may be wondering? Well GENT recently announced actor, screenwriter and artist Tom Moutchi, is lined up to launch his collaboration with the brand! The “dynamic actor” who rose to fame through comedy Vines and Instagram videos with his friends, is expected to deliver his “prophetic drawing” style to GENT very soon. Our eyes are peeled!

Whilst the sustainable pieces are fashionable and uplift any outfit to look authentic and chic, that’s not all they are! GENT London collections are also seen to be highly collectable due to their never-seen-before concepts. Each piece is designed, hand-painted and signed by the creative individuals, whilst also all accustomed with a serialised hologram label and a Verisart blockchain digital certificate of authenticity – this, importantly, enables high value and protection not only from the buyer but the artist also.

Collaborating with artists with a vision and simply making it come to life all the while staying sustainable, unique, creative and exclusive. GENT London really are “Resetting the world of art and fashion” and we are so here for it!

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