Welcome To Maddenwood, Where All You Need To Be Is Yourself


Everybody comes to Maddenwood, a bold and psychedelic universe showcasing the latest styles that allow you to be whoever you want!

This Autumn, Steve Madden is back as he launches a new and immersive augmented reality global campaign, starring the likes of TikToker Bella Poarch, American rapper Latto, and Actress Chloe Cherry. Imagining a world where likes and views are no more, you can channel whoever you want to be, whenever and wherever. All you need? Of course, just a pair of Maddens that speaks to you and you’ve got a first class one way ticket to Maddenwood!

The superstars facing the campaign include one of TikTok’s most followed personalities, Bella Poarch with close to 91 million followers, 2022’s Best New Artist MTV VMA nominee, Latto, who has already scored a number of breakthrough successes including her most recent track “Big Energy” (with the remix starring none other than the iconic Mariah Carey), and actress Chloe Cherry who became one of Euphoria’s breakout stars as she debuted as her character “Faye”.

But not only are the superstars placed at centre stage this season, standout footwear styles include the Black Cypress boot, an exaggerated 70s-inspired platform boot, the Finite Black Leather Bootie, a subtly flared boot with block heel, and finally the Paloma Black Patent Sandal, the English style inspired sandal with a chunky platform and heel. Which style is your favourite? We can’t pick just one!

We’ve always been forward-thinking with a clear sense of the brand and our consumer. MADDENWOOD is the manifestation of that mindset at its most aspirational. I’m a big movie buff and am fascinated by the whole idea of Hollywood. Here we are creating our own version of Hollywood the Madden way.

Steve Madden

Completing the creation of the Maddenwood world are three campaign videos that blend a combination of retro references from the 1960’s Andy Warhol’s “screen tests” and low-fi aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s. This hi-fi mind-altering animated world allow the shoes to represent the wearer’s most unapologetic version of themselves, and we are so here for it!

The best news of all? You can shop the new Autumn styles now – brb gotta go online shopping!

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