Aries & Malibu are Bringing a Spritz of Summer to our Wardrobes this Season! 🌞✨🏖️



Aries and Malibu are serving up the true taste of Summer with their limited-edition collaboration collection that embraces the “unguarded energy” of living in the moment!

 The iconic pop culture brands have combined forces and embraced AI technology to merchandise a six-piece collection of summertime classics. The drop brings the duo’s core values and ideals for an endless summer together; we’re talking freedom, self-expression and out-of-the-box creativity to add a splash of silliness to a world that takes itself too seriously! The first-of-its-kind collaboration between a spirit and streetwear brand expresses Malibu’s creativity and optimism in a more physical form; a set of AI generated images and campaign assets have been released alongside the collection, blending imagination and reality and shaking off all the stresses of life. From long warm nights to mornings walking the beach, the brands have come together to bring the spirit of the street and seaside to your wardrobes!

 Inspired by AI, this six piece collection - ranging in price from £40-£1,200 - has generated some seriously stellar summer styles; including two classic short sleeve Aries tees, a branded string vest, a premium varsity jacket, an airbrushed trucker hat and - for those of you looking to expand your style horizons this summer - a bespoke Aries x Malibu grillz available in crystal and gold, expertly crafted in conjunction with London’s own Milk & Honey. Exclusively available at the Aries Flagship Soho store and on the brand's website from the 27th July. 

 So, what do you say, are you ready to switch up your summer this season and get ahead of the fashion curve? We certainly are!

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