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Welcome to our exciting new series! We'll be sharing with you new song releases! Stay tuned for picks from the artists you love, and new artists you'll want to hear about. Let us know what you think on X (a.k.a. Twitter)!

Mariah the Scientist - From A Woman

Constantly dropping EPs and singles, Mariah started maturing her sound to the recap track of this week, From A Woman. The songstress writes a love ode to her partner, Young Thug on this sultry, 80s-infused record. Produced by London on Da Track, this is the second single from her long-awaited album, To Be Eaten Alive. The song and album reflect the wavering emotions of a Scorpio woman. The R&B star rose to fame with her 2019 standout "Beetlejuice". Its clever writing matched with Mariah's light and airy vocals took the world by pleasant surprise. With that being said, the album is out now!


With his new album (that came out today), Conrad goes back to his roots on this first track of the album, MARIPOSA. A latin-infused R&B record that speaks to being hidden from a lover and not particularly minding at all. The latin drums make you want to dance while the bass and guitar bring the song back to the heartbreak he is expressing. Destin Conrad claimed his rise through social media, and with this a lot of people thought he could not do music well enough to sell. But, he surprised everyone when he released "IN THE AIR" from his 2021 debut album, "COLORWAY." He has captured an respected audience, and you could join them too after this!

Yebba - Waterfall (I Adore You) 

By popular demand, Yebba released this beautiful love song, paired with synthesisers, light baselines and beautiful vocal stacking. In this track, she puts her pride aside for her lover, proclaiming her adoration for them. Yebba is a force to be reckoned with, she has powerhouse vocals with the soulfulness that reminds us of the late Amy Winehouse. She became popular from an interlude named after her from Drake's 2021 album, "Certified Lover Boy". Yebba and Drake continue to be frequent collaborators as he sampled this song, before it was released on his new album, "For All The Dogs" on "Polar Opposites"


PinkPantheress - Mosquito

Finally, the first single from her anticipated debut album, PinkPantheress gives us a light and introspective track that emphasises all the influences of her last album. Light jungle drum patterns, with a catchy melody, her vocals take the song to a dreamy space. PinkPantheress came on her radar through her breakout hit, "Just for me" which took the world by storm during the pandemic and spread all over social media. That allowed her to gear up for her debut EP, "to hell with it", which in itself made her an household name.

RAYE & Hans Zimmer - Mother Nature

South London singer-songwriter RAYE pairs up with Multi award-winning movie composer Hans Zimmer to make a song dedicated to Earth's eternal love for us and how we can take better care of it. The song has a large build with fluttery orchestration and a beautiful concept. RAYE's vocals are angelic on this song further reinforcing the beauty of the earth. The song is to be featured on Sir David Attenborough's upcoming nature series "Planet Earth III." RAYE has had a very successful year, with the release of her debut album "My 21st Century Blues" which allowed for her first number one with "Escapism." 

Dream Nails - Good Guy

The British all-female rock band, Dream Nails have returned with their first single from their new album, Doom Loop. The song is a female forward, message to men about how to be a better ally. They further emphasis that it is great to be a good guy, that helps women feel safe in any space. The chaotic, but organised instrumentals with Gorillaz-esquire vocal and vocal distortion is good for any new rock listener. The band, hailing from Brighton, began making music to fuel the causes they believed in. In 2018, they released their popular single called, "Vagina Police" which is also a passionate message to men to stop thinking they have power over women's bodies. 

Westside Gunn - Mama's PrimeTime ft. JID, Conway the Machine & Cartier A Williams

One of the three members of Griselda comes to boom-bap rap perfection on Mama's PrimeTime. The distorted samples, brooding production with the feel of the 90's; Westside Gunn, JID and Conway rap about the trials and tribulations of life from the places that they have lived. It is an honest track, one of great victory and accomplishments. Westside Gunn released his critically-acclaimed album "Pray For Paris" in 2020. This album did so well worldwide that he released the deluxe where this song is from, "And Then You Pray For Me." This album is seen as a victory lap, to round off a very successful few years for Gunn.

Young Thug - From A Man

Young Thug is a timeless artist of our generation. Even while he is incarcerated, he is still putting out music. In his new song, "From a Man", he talks heavily on the pressures of still being successful, taking care of his kids and the people he loves while in prison. Taking the flipped sample of his girlfriend, Mariah the Scientist's "From A Woman", he pours his heart on this soulful track of reflection. Thug has been in the music industry for over a decade. He has worked with artists like, Future, Gunna, Travis Scott, Post Malone and the late Mac Miller. He has crossed genres transcending rap further to allow more artists to explore with music. 

IMRHAN - Nice With Christ

Ex-Lotto Boyzz artist Imrhan has musically revitalised himself, making his independent debut with "Nice With Christ". A afrobeat influenced gospel track, the song combines the vibes of summer with a potent and active spiritual message. Being in such a popular and controversial group like Lotto Boyz, IMRHAN is paving his own way in the industry. It's a new, fresh sound that is being added to the gospel scene. Hopefully, this new wave of sound continues forward in the future!

NSG - STEVIE WONDER (feat Aitch)

Afro-Swing has been absent in the UK for many years, and NSG (or Nigeria Slash Ghana) has come to answer the call. With this amapiano forward, cultured track; NSG continues to push the pendulum between Africa and the UK. On this track, teaming up with Manchester-born and raised Aitch to bring the UK front and centre in this Afro-Swing track. NSG have been a pivotal part of the culture of afrobeat in the UK for almost a decade. Their last EP "Roots" reached number one in the UK and had a mountain of international success. Their debut album AREA BOYZ is a wonderful fusion and a wonderful listen!

Kali Uchis - Te Mata

Latin goddess Kali Uchis released her latest single, Te Mata from her newly announced album, "ORQUÍDEAS" which is set to come out next year. The summer bliss of the instrumentals allows the listener to set the stage in a bar on the beach with your lover. It's light and Kali's vocals serve not only soft but as a soulful storyteller. Even though it is not in English, the song is still a enjoyable listen. Kali Uchis, has been breaking the boundaries for Latin and English music for the last eight years. Her last album "Red Moon in Venus" had a blend of both Latin and English songs and easily gave way for commercial success. 

Have a listen to the playlist below 👇🏽
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