Mothers Embrace Hair Self-Love 🤲🏾💗

Image courtesy of SheaMoisture
Image courtesy of SheaMoisture


SheaMoisture's new photo series 'Same Roots, New Rules' shows how daughters empower their mothers to rock their natural hair


Did you know that Black and mixed heritage women over 45 were 24 times more likely to conform to societal pressures and standards when it came to their hair? But the new generation seems to be more empowered, as 70% of 18-21-year-olds stated feeling confident enough to wear any hairstyle without fear of judgement. 

So SheaMoisture thought, why not spread this self-love across all the ages? The textured haircare brand’s new photo series titled ‘Same Roots, New Rules’ shows a beautiful story of hair transformations of a group of mothers including British R&B singer, Jamelia. These mothers never got to rock their dream hairstyle because of hair discrimination, but now they are owning their space thanks to their daughters. 

Jamelia commented, “Having spent the majority of my life in the entertainment industry, I rarely saw women that looked like me wearing their hair naturally. As such, I spent most of my career straightening my hair because I never had the confidence to rock my afro.” To keep the rhythm of this positive movement going, SheaMoisture is also encouraging everyone to write a little love note to their hair on their virtual affirmation board. Loving our natural hair hardly comes naturally, right? But when better to begin this journey than now! We'd love to know what you wrote 

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