Absolutely Bear

The Sustainable Menswear Brand Aiming To Reconnect City Lovers With Nature


Do you live in a city and want to reconnect with nature? Let us introduce you to Absolutely Bear, the sustainable menswear fashion brand aiming to reconnect the wearer with the natural world that many of us love.

With the belief that you don’t always need to live in nature to enjoy its benefits, Absolutely Bear creates sustainable and stylish menswear for those living the busy hustle and bustle life – with clothing that both respects nature and meets the demands of city living and life in the wild.

Growing to love nature and being outside after leaving London at age 3 and being raised in the Northumbrian countryside, Nick Fletcher founded the brand in 2015. The menswear brand taking steps towards a greener future accurately captures the importance of every decision we make and understanding the level of impact that choice will have on nature, people and the earth – of course, whilst staying true to their design principles of sustainability and style.

Discussing the creation of the brand, Flecther said: “I set about creating a progressive brand that would put the environment, people and nature at the centre of everything we do. To me, this means creating a product using sustainable fabrics and engaging in manufacturing processes that respect the people who make our clothes and minimise our impact on the environment, and then, together with our community – using the Absolutely Bear brand to give back, in order to help protect the planet.” 

With an eco-conscious heart, the British clothing label ensures each item has been designed and crafted to introduce men to a more ethical way of shopping, without sacrificing the style of their wardrobe. Highlighting the needed respect and nurture of the natural world, the brand’s passionate aim is to educate people into reducing the effects of climate change and protecting wildlife, which are both vital to the future of the population and planet.

Nature is our greatest friend and ally in this endeavour.

Nick Fletcher, Founder of Absolutely Bear

However, Absolutely Bear do not stop there! The brand is a member of the 1% for the Planet movement and is committed to giving 1% of its gross annual earnings to vetted environmental non-profit organisations. So you can wear a stylish wardrobe, knowing that you are positively impacting the environment too!

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