Treat Yourself To Some Well Deserved TLC On This Year’s World Beard Day


We’ve just welcomed in a brand new month but the celebrations don’t stop there, because the first Saturday of September marks World Beard Day. Yes, you heard that right, today is a day wholly dedicated towards honouring facial hair all around the globe!

Capturing the pure symbol of masculinity, whether you’re sporting a stubble, tamed or wild assortment, in many cultures the beard represents wisdom and strength. With it being widely believed that people didn’t start shaving until 4000 BC, with beards helping men to keep warm whilst also acting as a protective cushion for the face, this annual event admires the past, present and future of the beard.

Enough of the history lesson, this year we’re utilising the day to recognise the happiness felt with your beard and with those around you. So whether you’re planning a beard themed celebration with your loved ones or simply using the day to give yourself a pamper and some TLC, we’ve got you covered with some of the standout beard-loving products in the game.

Need some inspo? Channel the look that’s fit for a royal, with Prince Harry’s ruggedly tame ensemble, let your inner silver fox loose like George Clooney and Idris Elba’s iconic ‘salt n’ pepper’ beards, or perhaps you’re ready for a mature elevation like Drake. Either way, snap a pic of your beard this weekend and make sure to tag us on Instagram (@frowmagazine) – we can’t wait to see!


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